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Agile Coaching and
Consulting Services

Agile Services

Rapidly changing business environments necessitate project management methods that are flexible and adaptive, and Agile methods bring distinct advantages to such projects. Organisations that adopt Agile are able to create lasting value in terms of increased productivity at reduced costs, ensuring project success.

KnowledgeHut’s expertise in Agile helps businesses to design and implement Agile concepts that help optimize their solutions and service deliveries. We offer Training, Consulting and Coaching services in Agile that leverage our experience in the field to offer end-to-end advisory services that can help transform your business.

Agile Training Services

Ensuring effective team and project-level Agile implementation is critical to improving delivery performance. However, one of the biggest hurdles with Agile transformation programs is sustaining lasting change so that you can extend the strategy across the organization.

KnowledgeHut has developed a comprehensive suite of Agile Training Services that ensures Agile training workshops and implementation support across the various organizational levels.

Our Approach

KnowledgeHut is at the core, a services company. Our objective is to help, enable, support, and facilitate our customers. Our training helps you to implement agile in such a way that all employees understand the rationale and purpose behind the adoption of this framework.

We will help you overcome challenges and maximize the value you gain from adopting new, lean and agile ways of working. Our trainers will ensure that your teams realize their true potential, speed, and control any productivity dips as they move along.

Agile / Scrum Training

At KnowledgeHut, we believe that to begin any Agile initiative, we need to first provide thorough training. We conduct bespoke Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Project Management trainings to suite your enterprise needs and budget. Our Certified Scrum Trainers will also be able to conduct Certified Scrum Master (CSM) courses as well as other Agile/Scrum workshops as per your need.

Agile Consulting

KnowledgeHut has a proven approach to ensure your Agile success and steer your organization toward self-reliance to manage your own learning. We partner with you to define a strategy to establish clear, defined and measurable parameters for success. With that your Agile teams will learn to truly evolve processes in a given context, and deliver enhanced customer value.

KnowledgeHut’s Integrated Agile Framework is a systematic and holistic model for Enterprise Agility

  • Aligns business and IT goals while ensuring collaboration for effective results and faster ROI
  • Integrates software development and management practices to develop an end-to-end Agile framework that fits all your organization's needs
  • Accommodates rapidly evolving customer requirements with greater flexibility
  • Improves the rate of success across the distributed enterprise landscape by scaling agility

Agile / Scrum Assessment

While you may have decided to implement Agile, we will assist you to see where you stand today. Our QuickFind Assessments will prove to you the gaps in practices with respect to Agile adoption and identify areas where Agile will need to be incorporated.

Agile Assessments start with the organization goals, challenges and state of affairs. We provide this by a series of highly collaborative workshops, interviewing key stakeholders, sponsors, and customers and also provide a questionnaire to solicit inputs.

  • We examine and evaluate your existing scenario
  • We identify both what's working well and what needs improvement
  • We work with you based on your business needs to prioritize this backlog
  • We deliver a roadmap of actionable recommendations

These will be evaluated and presented as a report to further guide you in your Agile Transformation journey.

Contact us today, so we can work with you to create or improve your organization's ability to deliver lasting value to all your clients - whether internal or external in a much faster, cost effective and efficient manner.

Agile / Scrum Implementation

Our Agile consultants and coaches have performed many Agile implementations using Scrum. Their combined industry experience blended with Agile implementation skills ensures a powerful approach to Agile adoption, while closely interacting with key stakeholders and sponsors.

Whether you're just beginning, ready to scale up, or looking to integrate new methodologies across your organization, we can help you with our suite of Agile consulting services.

Agile Coaching & Mentoring

What is Agile Coaching?

Agile Coaching is a practice that entails a seasoned coach to observe the team and determine what attitudes, practices and communication constraints are holding them from being more effective. This is done over a period of several days to a few weeks. The coach will recognize issues that are disrupting the smooth flow of work, causing rework or redundant work or any wasted effort. The coach will study the behaviour patterns that fail to improve the team’s productivity to take corrective actions.

The Agile Coach will then work with the team to address the issues. The coach does not instruct people what to do in a different way or that say they are erroneous in what they are doing, but rather assists the team and the individuals to seek a more effective way of doing what they do.

Many organizations even though they are not pursuing Agile; know the benefits Agile can provide to their product development lifecycle and the company as an entity. If your organization is considering Agile adoption but is unsure how to move ahead, our Agile Coaching and Mentoring program will be of help.

Our Approach

For effective adoption of Scrum, it is critical to have hands-on coaching experience and apply your knowledge to help your software team be more responsive. Besides an expert Agile coach, your team will get exposure to real-time Scrum processes in their general situations. Your team will benefit from the unique projects, tools and requirements used by our coaches in evaluating the overall pace and deliverables of your team.

With a strategic, hands-on approach, we can assist your team in learning to apply Agile/XP techniques in a tangible way so that they learn the concepts quickly and efficiently. This also ensures your team grasps the right way of doing things from the very start. Our coaches will help your team with creating user stories; preparing releases and iterations, dual programming; testing the initial design as well as building and strengthening the team.

KnowledgeHut coaches, in their capacity will offer involvement suited to your needs. Their expertise allows intervening at varied levels of your project, whether technical, practical, or organizational, irrespective of the scope of your challenges.

Our coaches will align with your Agile teams to help them build capabilities. Right from supporting the early stage of your projects, they provide guidance, while encouraging the adoption of best practices. Additionally, they prepare the teams for different Agile workshops, facilitate the teams to emerge as self-organized, and help them with continuous improvement to lead to organizational success.

Our technical coaches are competent in varied engineering expertise and best practices and by choosing appropriate tools and technologies help your teams meet their unique needs. They help toward the implementation of quality strategies and make sure the engineering practices supporting iterative and incremental progress are monitored.

Our coaching services can be on-site engagements of any duration required. This means our coaches will weigh all measures to ensure the best coaching suited for your organization.

Experienced coaches from KnowledgeHut will be aligned to the company plan, ensuring the Agile methodology serves the company’s desired requirements. The duration to complete coaching / mentoring may differ from three to six months, based on the pace at which you adopt Agile.

To learn more about KnowledgeHut's Agile Coaches and Trainers click here.

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