Agile Estimating And Planning Training Online Training
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Agile Estimating and Planning Training Online

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Agile estimating and planning is among the most important aspects of the Agile development life cycle. A sound plan will set the tone of the entire project and further facilitate the iterative nature of Agile by making provisions to tackle loopholes and obstacles.

KnowledgeHut’s e-learning course on Agile Estimating and Planning is the perfect course for budding Agile professionals who want to understand about the Agile life cycle and for experienced professionals who want to re-visit their Agile concepts. You will learn in a series of high quality videos about agile iteration planning, the various estimation tools that support iterative processes and the tips to accomplish tasks smoothly and complete the project successfully, while staying within budget and time considerations.

The workshop is an intensive session that will help you understand how Agile estimation and planning work in real world cases. Our trainers who are industry experts will help you gain new insights and attitudes that you can implement in your workplace and gain recognition among your peers and management.


Section 1 : Introduction to Agile Methods

Introduction to Agile Methods

Section 2 : Introduction to Estimating and Planning

Introduction to Estimating and Planning

Section 3 : Traditional vs Agile Planning

Traditional vs Agile Planning

Section 4 : Levels of Agile Planning

Levels of Agile Planning

Section 5 : Planning Techniques

Planning Techniques

Section 6 : Planning Requirements

Planning Requirements

Section 7 : Estimating Techniques

Estimating Techniques

Section 8 : Planning a Product

Planning a Product

Section 9 : Monitoring and Tracking

Monitoring and Tracking

What you get

Real-world case studies and examples.

Learn about re-estimation and calibration processes.

Learn about Affinity Sizing, Poker Planning, Complexity Buckets, and Ideal Days.

Work with the Agile Lifecycle Diagram.

How to implement Agile estimating and planning principles.

Get an introduction to Agile methods.

Traditional planning and estimating vs the Agile methods.

Release and Iteration planning.


On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from KnowledgeHut with Credits (1 credit per hour of training).

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