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Disciplined Agilist 101 Training & Certification in Montreal, Canada

  • 3 day training (21 hours) led by industry-expert trainer
  • 21 PDUs
  • Free Certified Disciplined Agilist test within 21 days of course end($100 value)
  • Gain hands-on experience with agile solution delivery techniques
  • Reinforce concepts through case studies and group work
  • Certificate of participation on completion of course
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  • 5.00% for 4 people
  • 10.00% for 5-9 people
  • 15.00% for 10 and above people
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Disciplined Agilist 101 Course & Certification in Montreal

Agile Management: Disciplined Agilist 101 Course in Montreal Montreal is a well-known Canadian city in the province of Quebec and is also its largest economy. The IT companies in Montreal are implementing the agile methods in the organisation and they thus look to recruit those who have done the disciplined agilist 101 certification in Montreal. Agile methodology is created out of the need to find out an efficient new process which could replace traditional software development methods. These methods add flexibility to the development process. To keep up to the flow of the present job scenario, KnowledgeHut academy offers the disciplined agilist 101 training in Montreal. What is the course all about' The course teaches the concepts of disciplined agilist as well as the lean concepts. The professional is trained in the key activities that need to be carried out to initiate a DA team. You learn how to govern the disciplined agile team and scale agile in the strategic and tactical levels.The workshop is conducted by the best trainer at the academy and the disciplined agilist 101 training online in Montreal is taught using lectures and practice sessions. Benefits of the course: The institute conducts disciplined agilist 101 certification in Montreal and the tutor/trainer teaches the material to help you understand the basics. The disciplined agilist 101 certification online lets an organization transform from the conventional school of thought to the agile methods. The KnowledgeHut Way: KnowledgeHut offers the course on disciplined agile and the fee to enrol for the program is nominal. The practice sessions also include a number of online demo classes which makes it easy to understand the concepts. The course is recommended to IT practitioners and senior IT managers. The cost to register for the workshop is nominal and those who complete the coaching invariably see a rapid career growth.