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Why is Big Data so big?

The importance of big data cannot be underestimated. It has been conclusively proven that intelligent analysis of data sets throws up useful information that results in huge financial benefits for businesses. Leading organizations therefore stress the need for qualified professionals who can implement big data technologies like Apache HadoopTM for faster analysis and better decision making at reduced costs. 

Applications of Big Data

Business analytics and experts in sales and marketing have found ways and means of leveraging the power locked in consumer data. Data-driven marketing is now quantifiable and gives measurable results. Enterprises that are data-driven work with a strategy, and look for the right people to implement their big data planning and accelerate enterprise Hadoop adoption. If you are armed with the right Big Data Hadoop certifications, you will get swept up by any number of multinationals looking for professionals who are Big Data savvy.KnowledgeHut offers workshops on Big Data Hadoop Training and other cutting-edge analytics that will enable you to extract value from big data and use it as an invaluable tool for planning and action. Some of our popular Big Data Hadoop classes include Big Data and Hadoop, Hadoop Essentials, and Big Data Analytics, among others.

Too busy to attend a classroom training?

Today’s busy professionals have no time to call their own − at KnowledgeHut we understand this, and bring you Big Data Hadoop training online that allows you the flexibility of logging in from wherever you are to attend a virtual class or complete an e-learning session.

What next?

Our introductory courses will help you prepare you to later on undertake Big Data Hadoop certification online and take your career forward.  KnowledgeHut’s Big Data Hadoop courses are not associated with certification exams, but you will be well prepared with the basics and can explore certification credentials that are available for those who wish to study further on the subject. Check out Big Data Hadoop certification costs and advantages, and decide which topics you may wish to get certified in. With big data analytics becoming the lifeblood of organizations, professionals who know their way around Hadoop technologies are much in demand. Kick start your Hadoop career with some help from the KnowledgeHut team!