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Agile: Thinking beyond software

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08th Jun, 2022
27th Apr, 2017
Agile: Thinking beyond software

During the initial phase, building a human experience was the major role of computer science. With the traditional manual processes being replaced, computer science is not just about science. So what exactly is agile? Is it only about software? The answer to it would be no. Labelling agile to be only software is like stating software to be all about coding.

So now understanding the agile manifesto is essential. Agile is basically moving from what you were to what you could be. It helps to understand and find solutions to complex problems, making us more decisive. Agile is not just about software it is all about problem-solving.

Customer service is of utmost importance in any organization. In both small and large organizations, an agile framework is that powerful tool which provides each organization with a faster delivery of the solution. Exploring new ways of customer satisfaction by understanding what the user needs is essential. Agile helps in exploring all possible ways to learn what the customers are struggling with. It helps to keep a track on individual feedback. Along with rapid learning, validating of the solutions is also done. There are certain ways of problem-solving in agile.

Let’s discuss the top problem-solving approach in agile.

  • Identifying the root cause

    In agile only dealing with the symptoms rather than concentrating on the root cause will result in rework. It will lower your team performance and also affect the sprint’s success rate. The symptoms are very easily spotted. It’s just like a puddle of water on the floor which can never be ignored. So just dealing with the symptoms is time consuming as you are going to encounter the same problem again and again.

  • Understanding the causes and its effect

    Here you would start with the problem statement and will explore various categories of the root cause. This will help you understand what exactly is causing the problem. There is no structured way to categorize it, you always have to brainstorm ideas to completely get the root causes out. It can be within or outside the organization.

Today’s market scenario changes every next second. So being updated about what makes an organization better is like putting the major piece of the puzzle in place. So we can conclude that agile is not about doing things faster. It is always about doing things in a right manner.



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