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Why CSPO Has Become A Need Of This Era

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26th Apr, 2021
14th Jul, 2016
Why CSPO Has Become A Need Of This Era

Gone are the days when companies had to instruct their employees for every single thing. Nowadays, organizations employ candidates who are Agile and can quickly adapt to new technologies or changes.

An Agile employee is one who understands client requirements and can implement them as soon as possible. They don’t have to be told what they need to do or how to approach a problem. This trait becomes even more important when you’re working in a company that uses the scrum software development framework.

If you’re wondering what that is, let’s delve deeper into the subject.

Scrum And Agility

When a company is developing a product, there are many teams that contribute and make the product a success. Now, a lot depends on how the teams collaborate and complete their tasks. Usually, companies have two options of planning the whole framework of developing the product.

One, they could take a sequential planning approach wherein one team would work upon a product and then pass it on for further work by other teams. This approach is a bit traditional and doesn’t work well for products like software or apps that need a more holistic approach.

Second, organizations adopt the scrum framework where several teams come together to work on the product. These teams are self-organizing and are constantly in touch with each other throughout the development phase. They are encouraged to either physically co-locate or maintain communication through an online portal.

The advantage of working in a scrum framework is that every team member understands that clients can change their minds at any point of time and there’s no way to predict that. Now, in a traditional mode of planning, it won’t be possible to quickly understand these changes and adapt them. However, in a scrum framework, an empirical approach is taken wherein team members understand the emerging requirements and implement changes as fast as possible. This agility is what makes them capable of successfully developing a product.

The Scrum Framework

Most of the work in a scrum product development framework is carried out through phases known as sprints. Here’s how it works

● The product owner, also known as the voice of the clients, gives the requirements of the product and prepares a backlog for the same
● The development team understands the product backlog and makes a sprint backlog
● The sprint backlog states the tasks that need to be completed at the end of each sprint cycle
● By the time one sprint cycle ends, a shippable product should be ready
● The scrum master supervises over the entire work and ensures that the team makes progress regularly

The Role Of The Product Owner

If you’re the product owner in a scrum framework, your job is to manage the business aspect of the product.

A product owner is the mode of communication between the stakeholders and the development team. They will write user stories and list them on a product backlog depending on the priority of each user story. The product owner, however, doesn’t interfere with the work of the development team. Their job is to liaise between the stakeholders and the team so that both of them are on the same page.

Anyone who wants to become a product owner needs to have an empathetic attitude towards both stakeholders and the team. They have to understand the point of views of both the sides so that an amicable solution can be reached.

Thus, it can be safe to say that a product owner plays a key role in the success of any project. If you aspire to be a product owner and have no prior experience of working with a scrum framework, it’s advisable that you first become a Certified Scrum Product Owner or CSPO.

Why Become A CSPO?

A certification always helps when you want to establish your credibility in a particular area. Therefore, as a certified scrum product owner, your chances of getting hired by companies that follow the scrum framework will increase.

In order to become a CSPO, you don’t have to write any exam. For example, at Knowledgehut, we provide CSPO training that’s conducted by Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers. The training is given for 2 days and once done, you’ll receive a certificate and a one-year membership from Scrum Alliance.

If you have good interpersonal skills and would like to work as a product owner in a scrum framework, a CSPO certification will help you get that job. Also, during the course of the training, you’ll come to terms with the Agile and scrum framework and their values. This will help you understand the method better and give you a basic idea before you take on the role of a product owner. So, go ahead, get yourself enrolled, and give your career wings with a CSPO certification.


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