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Leading SAFe® 4.5.1- The Latest Version Goes Live!

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Last updated on
22nd Apr, 2021
03rd Apr, 2018
Leading SAFe® 4.5.1- The Latest Version Goes Live!

Around 2 years prior, Scaled Agile Inc. launched SAFe® 4.0, a major upgrade as a methodology to expand the current Agile practices in the organizations. Fairly early on, it gained a widespread frame in the top organizations. But it is also true, in this time-traverse, a few deterrents on a digital scale caused a problem to the organizations carrying out the new changes.

So while the organizations were occupied in actualizing the new changes, the Scaled Agile Inc. team were focussing on the framework that would completely line-up with the current innovating trends and the market needs. On 21st June 2017, they released SAFe® 4.5 version to help organizations getting better, faster and more reliable business results. 

On March 17, 2018, Scaled Agile Inc. set up the latest courseware called leading SAFe® 4.5.1. This new update is all about conveying and coaching the key concepts of the SAFe®  framework and applying the spirit of continuous learning to the individuals. Let us take a look at the updates in the new courseware. But before knowing the new changes in SAFe® 4.5.1, it will be better to revise the older versions as well.

SAFe® 4.0-

SAFe® 4.0 was implemented based on the output of the prior releases (SAFe® 3.0). This version had come up with the framework for the Lean System Engineering development branches into a single, more scalable and more modular framework. As SAFe® 4.5 version supports both Lean software and systems development, it is called SAFe®  4.0 for Lean Software and Systems engineering. 

SAFe® 4.0 is for larger solutions including at least hundreds of practitioners for every value stream. It incorporates Team, Program, Portfolio and new value Stream level, though, SAFe® 3.0 is for littler value streams of around 100 people or less. It includes Team, Program and Portfolio level.

SAFe®  4.5-

SAFe® 4.5 version is the outcome of the hundreds of implementations and feedback from the customers. SAFe® 4.5 version is proved to be more lean, Agile, delivering faster, better, reliable outputs, and more supportive in faster innovation than any of its predecessors. Also, this version can be configured according to your business needs. 
This version helped companies to:

  • Test ideas more quickly (using Lean Startup cycle + Lean User Experience)
  • Deliver more quickly (Scalable DevOps + Continuous Delivery Pipeline)
  • Simplify governance and improve portfolio performance (using Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) and Lean budgets)

This version is represented as a major breakthrough of development for the framework and has delighted and enjoyed a far-reaching prevalence, being as the #1 scaling system by VersionOne’s State of Agile report (the largest and longest-running Agility network in the world). 


The latest Leading SAFe®  4.5.1 version-

The introduction to the most recent version of SAFe® is based on the feedback from the Scaled Agile community. Following are a few of the updates in the Leading SAFe® 4.5.1 courseware-

1. Course workbook:

The Scaled Agile Inc. has decided to provide the candidates with a real workbook, with organized space to write thoughts, notes, and complete exercises. They have also added exercise articles directly into the lessons, instead of asking students to refer to an appendix. 

2. 2 new lessons added:

The first lesson concentrates on creating the high-performing teams and programs.
The second lesson is all about understanding the SAFe® Agilist (SA) exam, what it consists of, and benefits of the certification.

3. Trainer guide:

For the Trainer Guide, the SAFe® community has included more educational slide notes instructing and running the exercises, and also key messages for a significant number of the slides, to make it simpler to get ready for and instruct the course.

4. Fresh look:

The refreshed courseware utilizes a few distinct sorts of slides that use the most recent experiences into adapting best practices. Additionally, this can be more relevant for the instructors.

5. Changed LPM content:

SAFe® community has updated Lesson no. 8, ‘Empowering a Lean Portfolio,’ with the trendy insights into Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). They made this lesson aligned with the update in the LPM and the related articles in the framework. Now it is easier to understand for the students.

6. Even lesson flow:

The SAFe® community has redesigned one of the most crucial lessons, ‘Designing the Implementation,’ to create a friendly lesson flow. 

7. New Course Delivery Enablement (CDE):

With the arrival of this courseware, Scaled Agile has included a new set of enablement videos on the Community program concentrating not only on the latest changes but also on facilitating the exercises and educating on the most complex topic areas in the workshop. 

According to the Scaled Agile Inc., this framework is said to be helpful to all SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) and future SAFe® Agilist (SA).



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