How SAFe® Became Pioneer In The World Of Framework?

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20th Apr, 2021
20th Feb, 2017
How SAFe® Became Pioneer In The World Of Framework?

SAFe® principles and practices aim to provide guidance on successfully leading agile projects. It is the approach that helps scale agile to the highest level being the enterprise level. Leading SAFe® is a known Certification that teaches concepts on agile and value delivery through scaled agile framework. It provides insights on lean mindset and approaches to deliver agile release trains. Why companies choose SAFe®, now this is the trending topic in agile members. One of its key focus is also on how to develop and implement agile approaches organisation wide and align team goals to enterprise goals.

A major contributor to the wide adoption of Scale Agile Framework Certification and Training is that most of the success on agile so far is based on scrum. While scrum works effectively for small and medium sized organisations where it is relatively easier to manage teams. A greater challenge is posed by large enterprises. These organisations usually have bigger teams and varying team cultures. SAFe® training helps in articulating the ways and approaches that support scaling agile. Multi team and multi project queries are a part of the scaled agile framework Certification giving a methodology that helps guide on how to manage the flow of value from the strategic ideation to actual release in the product.

  • SAFe® brings three critical levels to align their processes and goal guidelines so that they ultimately support scaling agile. These levels are portfolio level, programming level and finally team level. While portfolio level focuses on the strategic decisions, it is the program level team that handles estimations and analysis to decide user story deployment approach. Team level is responsible for the development, testing, and deployment of agile trains in line with all the strategic and operational inputs that flow from above levels.
  • Lean Thinking also plays a critical role in successful Agile Implementations. This mindset is the core of SAFe® Certification. The main goal of introducing lean mindset is to encourage delivery of value to the end user with utilisation of shortest lead time. All key variables of bandwidth, time and effort are organised to ultimately support the goal of giving results within a shorter timeline.
  • Amongst the pillars supporting the concept of SAFe®, a key ideal is respect within the team. Despite the fact that every organisation big or small carriers its own culture, a primary focus on respect enables team members to be open and discuss challenges. Respect is also important to maintain because in agile individuals are empowered to continually focus on improving their methods to deliver better with the agreement from the team.
  • Value Delivery is another reason for this framework gaining more acceptance. The importance of value delivery is evident as each iteration uses some feedback from previous iterations to further improve the end-product. This way the focus is also on continuous improvement of the product through development helps in better prioritization and managing queue of deliverable pieces.
  • Being holistic is also an advantage that SAFe® framework carries. It helps to give a bird’s eye view of all the complex work that happens in the Development and release process. Attention to alignment with top level Strategic goals of the enterprise gives work greater visibility and Helps focus on continuous improvement with each deployment.
  • SAFe® framework is indeed the complete framework for enterprises that want to move away from the traditional waterfall to agile. Since scaling is the biggest challenge of scrum, SAFe® helps to align all targets to ensure that value delivery reaches end user in the shorter span of time and with lean mindset. Supporting lean also helps teams to be more efficient and diverts focus on strategic and iterative improvements sooner than traditional waterfall approach. Continuous process improvements originating from teams are also encouraged to bring greater efficiencies much sooner in value delivery.


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