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Anand V is an independent consultant with more than 23 plus years of experience. He is currently working in areas of Artificial  Intelligence ,Cybersecurity, Blockchain and IoT. 

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Introduction to Hacking Web Applications
A web application is a program or software that runs on a web browser to perform specific tasks.  Any web application has several layers –
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by Anand V

21 Sep 2022

Introduction to Session Hijacking Exploitation
In this article we will be talking about session hijacking and exploitation. You will learn about session management with its applications and the com
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by Anand V

30 May 2022

Introduction to Vulnerability Analysis in Ethical Hacking
In this article we will discuss the various aspects of Vulnerability analysis in ethical hacking. We will walk you through common examples of vulnerab
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by Anand V

11 Mar 2021

What is The Salary of Ethical Hacker?
In this article, you will learn who is an ethical hacker and what are their responsibilities. You will also learn more about the demand for an ethical
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by Anand V

27 Sep 2022

What Is Enumeration in Ethical Hacking?
In this article we will understand the key concepts of Enumeration from an ethical hacking point of view. We will learn about the funda
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by Anand V

11 May 2022