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Deepansh Khurana is a data enthusiast with a penchant for exploratory analysis. He enjoys the open-ended nature of data analysis in general, and lives for coincidental insights and "aha!" moments. When not coding or playing with numbers, he writes prose and embraces art. He also writes a self-help newsletter to nudge people into better balance.

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Why Data Science Is in Demand
Data Science is still in its early stages. The more statistics you look at, the more you see how jobs are only increasing in number. This is the natur
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by Deepansh Khurana

27 Sep 2022

Top 15 R Libraries for Data Science in 2022
While many people opt for Python for data science tasks today, R remains a staple in the data scientist's toolkit. With its clean code, ability to
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by Deepansh Khurana

23 Feb 2022