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Harsha Vardhan Garlapati is a Data Science Enthusiast and loves working with data to draw meaningful insights from it and further convert those results and implement them in business growth. He is a final year undergraduate student and passionate about Data Science. He is a smart worker, passionate learner,  an Ice-Breaker and loves to participate in Hackathons to work on real time projects. He is a Toastmaster Member at S.R.K.R Toastmasters Club, a Public Speaker, a good Innovator and problem solver.

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How to Master Pandas for Data Science
Pandas is an open-source Python Library useful for performing various data manipulation and data analysis operations in the field of Data Science. It
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How to Master Excel for Data Science
Excel is the most powerful and well-known tool for working with data. It is also one of the oldest tools — being in use for decades for handling
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Data Science vs Data Analytics – Top 6 Differences
Data Science and Data Analytics have become the buzzword in technology lately. Today, the whole world contributes and generates massive amounts of dat
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Top Features of React Which Makes It Best For Development
In the real life we see and use several applications. Each application is built for a specific purpose and has some set of style in designing it. To a
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3 Ways to Implement Conditional Rendering in React
React allows users to build Single Page Applications (SPA), which are highly interactive and dynamic in nature. We can create components and render th
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Machine Learning Model Evaluation
If we were to list the technologies that have revolutionized and changed our lives for the better, then Machine Learning will occupy the top spot. Thi
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