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Lakshmi Iyer is the biggest geek you'll ever meet. When she's not curled up reading books, or watching biographies, you'll find her playing high-level valorant. She's ever so interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, despite coming from an Electrical background. She loves writing, and has been in the field of content writing, providing technical information since 2019.

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide
Cloud computing and cloud services like AWS have surely made our lives thousand times easier. Forgot to save an important file you were working on? Cl
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by Lakshmi Iyer

14 Feb 2023

Top 30 Cloud Computing Terms
Humans have come a long way from losing all the important files on their computers just because they were unsaved. A considerable part of the thanks g
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by Lakshmi Iyer

31 Jan 2023

Best Computer Courses to Get a High Paying Job
Securing an IT job doesn’t necessarily need specific computer science degrees anymore. This is because the job landscape has changed significant
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by Lakshmi Iyer

10 Feb 2023

Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs in India
As India is seeing a massive surge in the gig economy, freelancing jobs are becoming one of the buzzwords. Research conducted by the Boston Consulting
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by Lakshmi Iyer

02 Mar 2023