Nagaraja Gundappa


Nagaraja Gundappa is a Chief Consultant at ACE, a software delivery training and consulting firm. He was a General Manager in Wipro Technologies before this and has over 25 years experience in IT industry. 
He has spent 13 years in software delivery where he has delivered large, complex projects to global customers such as General Motors, Deloite & Touche, Dun & Brastreet etc. 
He has moved to training and consulting after this where he has trained over 1600 project managers in project management related subjects. He has delivered business results in terms of transforming delivery of fixed price projects and made them profitable through training. 
He has over a dozen papers and conference presentations to his credit half of which are in the project management field.

Posts By Nagaraja Gundappa

Is The Schedule Driving The Project or Vice Versa?
Are you familiar with a situation where a project manager diligently drafts a project schedule and uses it to drive the project for 2-3 weeks and then
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by Nagaraja Gundappa

18 May 2018