Nandan Kumar


QA Automation Architect having 12+ Years of experience in UI , Backend and Database testing ( Selenium, Cucumber, Gherkins, Protractor, TestNG) having strong Python/Java Coding skills. Strong experience in Devops/QAops , MongoDB and Certified AWS Solution Architect.

Strong Problem solver having worked on multiple domains: Media and TV/Video Streaming, Investment Banking, E-Commerce/Payments and Cloud Security /Networking/SaaS/IaaS/PaaS. 

Posts By Nandan Kumar

How to Update Document in MongoDB
MongoDB provides the update() method to update the documents of a collection. To update only the specific documents, you need to add a condition to th
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by Nandan Kumar

26 Sep 2023

How to Use sys.argv in Python With Examples
Command Line argument is a way of managing the script or program externally by providing the script name and the input parameters
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by Nandan Kumar

05 Sep 2023