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The author is an Agile Consultant working in the areas of process consultation and Agile coaching and transformation. She has been part of the software product development industry spanning field service, fleet management, telecom billing and network management. 

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Understanding the SAFe® Program Dependency Board Retrospective
The Program Increment (PI) Planning is a key differentiator event, unique to the SAFe® way of working. It is a 2-day
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by Radhika Subramoniam

17 Apr 2021

Is a SAFe® Agilist Course Right for You?
Companies adopting SAFe® have found huge benefits with its implementation.  But what is SAFe and how is it connected to Agile? This article i
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by Radhika Subramoniam

08 Mar 2021

What Is ScrumXP and How Does It Compare With Other Agile Frameworks
This article briefly talks about popular Agile methodologies Scrum and XP, and how both these frameworks have been merge
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by Radhika Subramoniam

22 Jan 2021

The Spotify model - Agile
Many companies find it hard to scale Agile due to the various complexities that come with multiple teams, locations, time zon
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by Radhika Subramoniam

29 Dec 2020

Why CSPO Certification Is Important For Your Career
This article looks at how and why the CSPO® Certification is increasingly becoming important for today’s Product Owner (PO). The article bri
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by Radhika Subramoniam

30 Nov 2020

Top Learning Outcomes of Leading SAFe 5 Certification
In any organization, the business decisions made by leaders play an integral role in determining its future. Their mindset, actions and strategies inf
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by Radhika Subramoniam

01 Oct 2020