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Shivanee is a Software Engineer by profession with over 1 year of experience. She works on Full Stack Web Development and actively researches the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. She also volunteers as a Python Tutor.

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The Complete Front-End Developer Roadmap 2022
Front-end development, or client-side development, involves building the User Interface (UI) of a website or a web application, that determines how ev
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by Shivanee Jaiswal

19 Sep 2022

Data Science vs Machine Learning: Top Differences
This rise of Big Data and human limitations led to the birth of new technologies that we all might have heard about - Data Science and Machine Learnin
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by Shivanee Jaiswal

29 Sep 2022

What Are the Prerequisites To Become a Data Scientist
Data Science is one of the fastest-growing, trending tech career tracks. With such a huge demand for the role, a lot of professionals and graduates ar
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by Shivanee Jaiswal

07 Sep 2022

Top 16 Data Science Job Roles To Pursue in 2022
According to the World Economic Forum, the amount of data generated per day will reach 463 exabytes (1 exabyte = 109 gigabytes) globally by the y
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by Shivanee Jaiswal

11 May 2022