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10+ years of data-rich experience in the IT industry. It started with data warehousing technologies into data modelling to BI application Architect and solution architect.

Big Data enthusiast and data analytics is my personal interest. I do believe it has endless opportunities and potential to make the world a sustainable place. Happy to ride on this tide.

*Disclaimer* - Expressed views are the personal views of the author and are not to be mistaken for the employer or any other organization’s views.

Posts By Shruti Deshpande

Scala Vs Python Vs R Vs Java - Which language is better for Spark & Why?
One of the most important decisions for the Big data learners or beginners is choosing the best programming language for big data manipulation and ana
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by Shruti Deshpande

25 Oct 2019

How Big is ‘Big Data’, Anyway?
When I got introduced to the data-world with my first corporate induction training, about 10 years ago. I was then still processing the difference bet
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by Shruti Deshpande

16 Sep 2019

Fundamentals of Apache Spark
IntroductionBefore getting into the fundamentals of Apache Spark, let’s understand What really is ‘Apache Spark’ is? Following is th
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by Shruti Deshpande

28 Aug 2019

Apache Kafka Vs Apache Spark: Know the Differences
A new breed of ‘Fast Data’ architectures has evolved to be stream-oriented, where data is processed as it arrives, providing businesses wi
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by Shruti Deshpande

22 Aug 2019

What is Big Data — An Introductory Guide
The massive world of Big DataIf one strolls around any IT office premises, over every decade (nowadays time span is even lesser, almost every 3-4 year
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by Shruti Deshpande

20 May 2019