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Suraj Sharma is working as a Full Stack QA Engineer with leading IT farm and is striving for bringing change in Industry. Strong believer of "Learning or Decaying" mantra. Technology explorer, Blogger and part-time cyclist by passion. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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When Can You Expect Your Newly Formed Team To Perform?
I can visualize the curious facial expression of the readers out there especially if the reader is a Team lead or Manager or Delivery Head. Jokes
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by Suraj Sharma

05 Sep 2018

How To Eliminate Burnout And Make Agile Teams More Productive
A recent survey shows 57% of Tech Workers are burned out by work. Likewise, there are several independent surveys been carried out which depicts the u
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by Suraj Sharma

29 Aug 2018

Agility In QA Mindset Is A Key To Success In The Agile Era
Whenever it comes to Agile software development methodology, there are a few Manifesto and Agile Principles that comes to the mind." style="height: 51
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by Suraj Sharma

07 Aug 2018