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A city dweller who loves to travel, interested in outdoor activity most on road trips also, A data science professional with a liking for deep learning.

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Data Science Cheat Sheets [Complete Collection]
You know what? While learning data science we tend to write code, learn new things, we try to develop ourselves by learning new algorithms, statistica
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by Sushil Deore

13 Jan 2023

Top 10 Data Science Websites to learn More
Being a data scientist means constantly growing, enabling businesses to become more data-propelled, and learning newer trends and tools. There are var
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by Sushil Deore

11 Jan 2023

Master SQL for Data Science  [Beginners Guide]
While learning a new subject, there have always been two major approaches that most of us take up. First is the Classic method of systematically learn
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by Sushil Deore

30 Dec 2022