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How a CBAP Certified Professional can Help with Business Analysis

08th Sep, 2023
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How a CBAP Certified Professional can Help with Business Analysis

CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional, level 3 certification offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis. The importance of this course in the modern world of the ever-expanding businesses can never be stressed enough. There are some requirements and a key feature that one needs to be aware of before venturing into the course. This is the next level of expertise for the already working and experienced professionals.

CBAP Requirements
The general requirements for the CBAP are:

1) Work experience in handling business analysis - This includes a minimum of 7,500 working hours in ten years. This also includes any project directly handled by the applicant and also the projects that he has worked on as an assistant. 
2) The requirement of the knowledge in the field - There are six knowledge areas defined under this system, and a minimum knowledge of at least four areas is demanded. There must make an investment of a minimum of 900 hours in each of these knowledge areas. 
3) Development of the profession - There must be at least 35 hours of development noted in the past four years of his work life.
4) References from people of value - For getting enrolled in the course, the reference to at least two people is asked. These people are usually- a career manager, a client or a CBAP certified professional. The organization is giving the course certification checks these references before getting anyone enrolled in the course.
5) The code of conduct issued by the CBAP needs to be agreed upon

Certification Benefits
The value a CBAP  certified individual can offer is indispensable making the CBAP certification high in value in the professional field and highlights both professional and personal recognition to the individual.  

The best advantage for the individual is perhaps the significant increase in salary among certified professionals. There has been up to sixteen percent increase in salary of the individuals after completing their certification.   It is also a great CV builder, adding an edge to the CV/resume that can be a distinguishable factor from other candidates in the business analysis field. The opportunity of development of the profession is immense and the value added to any company that the individual decides to be a part of is indispensable.

Program Certification Levels
Program certification levels are the steps of progression in the person’s career and are best to be fulfilled in order.  Levels are set based on the competency of the applicant where each level has its eligibility requirements.

Level 1: This certifies the entry in the business analysis. The individuals entering the profession are the ones that should go through this level. The students and the just graduates are the best candidates for this level. The ones with the transitional phase of career are also good to enroll. The managers involved business analysis indirectly. The eligibility includes 21 hours of work in the last four years and agreeing to the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis Code of Conduct.

Level 2: This is for the professionals who already have 2-3 years of experience in the field. This gives formal recognition to their already acquired and developed skill set. The work experience is a prime requirement in this level of certification. It requires at least 3,750 hours of work experience in the last seven years. There must a development in the professional level of about 21 hours in the last four years. This also needs references and agreement to the CCBA code of conduct.

Level 3: This is for the business analysis professionals who have been in the business for at least over five years. It demands 35 hours of professional development in the last four years. A work experience of about 7,500 hours is demanded as a requirement for getting admitted to the Certified Business Analysis Professional level. The same references and the agreement to the code of conduct are asked as usual.

Level 4: The final level is for the professionals with over ten years of experience in the field of business analysis. They have considered the industry thought leaders in the field of business analysis. They are the experts in the business analysis. They contribute to the evolution of the field. They are the pioneers in the field who are polished to perfection by the Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader course.

The CBAP Certified Professional Exam
The exam is 3.5 to 4 hours long with 120 multiple choice questions. The emphasis is given on the case study in order to analyze the depth of knowledge and the ability possessed by the candidates. The first step in the certification journey is to get familiar with the ‘A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge’ (BABOK guide) book.   Thorough understanding of the BABOK guide is essential, a process that requires time and attention.

Professional Development Hours
Joining a business analysis study group would be the first step; it provides the opportunity to get help with the exam preparations and to discuss with others the professional development hours. Another option is to enroll in a business analysis training course. There are also conferences that qualify for the professional development credits. The professional development hours are necessary if you want to enroll in any level of CBAP certified professional course.

The enrollment in the CBAP course depends on the time investment and the budgetary allowances you can make. The timeline for the certification should also be a consideration you make before going for the certification.



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