Jobs With Highest Salary in India (2022)

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28th Apr, 2022
Jobs With Highest Salary in India (2022)

The covid-pandemic has caused a massive ripple in India’s job sector, leading to a major shift in job-seeking opportunities. The flag bearers of this reshuffle are the freshers having experience of fewer than one year and Gen Z professionals.  

After losing their jobs and the struggling to find suitable gigs due to the pandemic, people are now all set to start their careers afresh with the rising recruitment rate in India.  

As usual, there are numerous factors that will affect a person’s inclination towards a particular opportunity. However, a healthy flow of income remains the leading variable in this equation. In post-covid times, stability is the top priority of all job seekers today. 

If you’re wondering which are the highest-paying jobs in India in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. This article focuses on the top 10 highest-paid jobs in India, along with their brief overviews and requirements. We’ll also look at the jobs with the best salaries, industry-wise. 

Overview and Which Job Has The Highest Salary in India? 

India’s IT sector is flourishing at a lightning-fast speed, and it is expected to hit the target of $227 billion by the end of 2022. Such growth will mark an increase of 15.5 per cent, which is reportedly the highest in the last decade. 

With 4.5 lakh new job opportunities opening vacancies for approximately 50 lakh people, Indian companies are set to spend $105.2 billion on IT in 2022. 

Undoubtedly, IT remains one of the fastest developing industries in the country. The increased accessibility of online professional courses and authentic study resources has contributed significantly to bringing up the number of skilled workforces. Moreover, the excitement to work with new technology and to embark on learning paths every day fuels the rising demand for IT jobs, not to forget the role of digitalization in this technology boost.  

As a result, IT remains one of the highest-paying jobs sectors in India as of 2022 and will continue to do so. On that note, let’s explore the top 10 highest-paid jobs in India falling under the IT sector. 

Highest Paying IT Jobs in India - 2022

Here is a list of highest paying IT jobs in India (not necessarily in the order)

Highest Paying IT Jobs in India 2022

Software Development Engineer

Software Engineers or Software Development Engineers are professionals who design, develop, and test software and applications. They are responsible for monitoring and evaluating software performance, operations and functionality of the software and overall development. 

The basic requirements to meet the above description are strong analytical and problem-solving skills, teamwork and technical expertise. Programming proficiency is a must.  

The average annual salary of a software engineer is approximately INR 1,191,752, with INR 989,044 and INR 2,225,470 as the yearly pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. The highest salary of a software engineer in India per month turns out to be INR 185,456. 

Java is the most popular programming language and is used throughout the world. Pursuing a certification in Java programming would give a head-start to your career as a software developer.  

Data Scientist  

With the ever-flooding Big Data in the picture, the field of data science has witnessed remarkable growth and popularity. More and more companies are focusing on hiring data scientists to help them unlock the true potential of their businesses and channelize maximum profits. 

A data scientist is a person expert in analytics, especially gathering and evaluating large chunks of structured and unstructured data to find trends and proper data management. Their main responsibilities include processing data, identifying valuable data sources, combining models, integrating data, etc. Enrolling on a professional data science course will add theoretical and practical experience to your resume, thus, building your career graph. 

The average annual salary of a data scientist is approximately INR 824,241, with INR 539,654 and INR 1,753,819 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. Check out the salary of data analysts, a similar profile. 

Data Engineer  

While a data scientist focuses on analyzing data, a data scientist helps collate all the facts and figures in the first place. Thus, data engineering can be regarded as the primary step for data analysis.  

These engineers work in tandem with data scientists to improve data transparency and assist in effective decision-making. Data pipelining, implementing and maintaining databases are some of the main roles of a data engineer. 

The average annual salary of a data engineer is approximately INR 839,625, with INR 464,722 and INR 1,878,772 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. 

Software Architect    

A software architect is responsible for determining which tools and technologies to be used for software development. These professionals are basically the guiding light for development projects, defining the prerequisites and assisting the entire team throughout the process with the right approach and methodologies. 

Software architects are required to interact with clients, understand their expectations and business goals, lead teams, and work with multiple developers and experts in different roles like software testers, marketers, etc. 

The average annual salary of a software architect is approximately INR 2,199,698, with INR 977,473 and INR 3,138,870 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. 

Cloud Architect    

Cloud computing is all the rage today, and no wonder the role of a cloud architect has become one of the most demanding jobs in India. 

A cloud architect is required to overlook and develop computing strategies, i.e., cloud designs, management, performance monitoring, troubleshooting and adoption. Cloud architects need to have a strong understanding of cloud infrastructures and architectures, high proficiency in coding languages, and knowledge of cloud environments and IT ecosystems. Thus, registering yourself for an advanced level cloud computing course is equivalent to starting your career on the right foot. 

The average annual salary of a cloud architect is approximately INR 1,796,392, with INR 409,634 and INR 2,313,443 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. AWS Certified Professionals’ salary also lie in the same pay scale. 

Blockchain Engineer     

Blockchain engineers are IT professionals who design, create and implement digital blockchains. They work on platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum and are responsible for almost all the operations like development, management and troubleshooting related to distributed blockchain networks. 

They need to have a strong background in software development and an understanding of cryptography, data structures, and common algorithms. Moreover, expert-level skills in coding languages and practical experience with codebases and open-source projects are highly preferred. Professionals looking to make it big the world of blockchain technology can start their journey with Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP) Training and gain the necessary hands-on experience. 

The average annual salary of a blockchain engineer is approximately INR 808,000, with INR 626,185 and INR 3,675,000 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. 

DevOps Engineer    

A DevOps engineer assists in bridging the gap between development and operations through release engineering, system administration, infrastructure management, security, configuration management, etc. They need to be well-versed with DevOps tools required for all tasks between infrastructure and monitoring offerings. 

Good interpersonal, communication, collaboration, management, coding and scripting skills are mandatory for landing a solid DevOps Engineer job with a high salary. 

The average annual salary of a DevOps engineer is approximately INR 715,281, with INR 391,646 and INR 1,776,410 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. 

IoT Architect    

The emergence of IoT, aka the Internet of Things, has created one of the best jobs in India, with an average annual salary of INR 1,915,175! 

Responsible for envisioning IoT for setting business objectives, technical strategy for meeting them, designing and developing complete IoT architecture and solutions, etc., an IoT architect must know good IoT management techniques and possess strong leadership skills. 

The annual salaries for freshers and experienced professionals in this field are INR 496,349 and INR 2,095,967, respectively. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer   

Another highest salary job in India, AI engineering, refers to the designing and development of AI-powered applications and software for overall optimization of business operations and existing performance. 

The responsibilities of an AI engineer include leveraging AI techniques for meeting business objectives, applying logic and machine-learning for enhancing the problem-solving aspect of the software/application, analyzing and monitoring the results and providing improvements accordingly. 

The average annual salary of an AI engineer is approximately INR 750,000, with INR 606,782 and INR 1,813,892 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. 

Product Manager   

Product management refers to handling the overall development of a product up to its final stage and feature releases. The core duties of a product manager revolve around understanding customer requirements, representing them, staying up to date with the market trends, refining product features and defining the scope of improvement, establishing the vision for the product and keeping all the stakeholders on the same page. 

The average annual salary of a product manager is approximately INR 1, 739,231 with INR 919,024 and INR 2,118,330 as the annual pay for freshers and experienced professionals, respectively. 

Industry/Sector-wise Highest Paid Jobs in India

Industry/SectorJob PostSalary/Year (INR)
GovernmentIFS760,000 + benefits
IAS/IPS672,000 + benefits
Defence Services (Officer Level)500,000 + benefits
For FreshersFull-stack Software Developer600,000
Machine-learning Expert600,000 - 700,000
Blockchain Developer400,000 - 500,000
ITSoftware Architect2,199,698
IoT Architect1,915,175
Cloud Architect1,796,392
MedicalSurgeon1,000,000 - 1,200,000
Anesthesiologist1,100,000 - 1,200,000
Physicians600,000 - 700,000
FinancePortfolio Manager1,000,000 - 1,100,000
Investment Banker900,000 - 950,000
Foreign Exchange Trader900,000
PSU Jobs800,000 - 900,000
Intellectual Property Lawyer500,000 - 600,000
AviationAviation Manager700,000 - 800,000
Air Traffic Controller715,000
Flight Dispatcher600,000
Project Manager1,000,000 - 1,500,000
Financial Manager991,389
AgricultureIndian Forest Services1,000,000 - 1,300,000
Lecturer500,000 - 600,000
Agriculture Officer400,000 - 500,000
EngineeringNuclear Engineering1,000,000 - 1,500,000
Petroleum Engineering800,000 - 1,000,000
Aerospace Engineering836,782
Work From Home (WFH)Website Developer600,000
Digital Marketer480,000
Content Writer240,000

Bottom Line

High-yielding jobs are plenty in India; however, so is the competition. To stand out from the crowd, you need much more than basic skills that help you meet eligibility criteria. You require in-depth theoretical and practical exposure, hands-on experience and advanced-level proficiency to land a good job from the highest paying companies in India.  

Be it a software testing certification or any other that matches your field of interest, demonstrating mastery is crucial. Thus, enrol yourself at the leading training institutes like KnowledgeHut, especially for IT roles, and get that dream job with the dream salary! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which profession has the highest salary in India?

Becoming a CEO or pursuing software architecture will fill your pocket with the highest salary in India — 3,000,000 and 2,199,698, respectively.

2. Which job is easy and has a high salary?

Every job requires some or the other experience to stay on top of the competition. However, compared to mainstream jobs and educational qualifications required for them, content writing, digital marketing, event management, etc., are hassle-free with healthy salaries.

3. Which job is best for girls?

All the job roles mentioned in this blog are gender-neutral and can be played by anyone with great expertise and understanding of the field. However, a couple of sectors that offer the best jobs for females in India include Aviation, Cabin Crew & Hospitality, Teaching, Medicine & Nursing, and Law.

4. Which field has the highest salary?

Managerial positions like CEO, Director, etc., offer the highest salaries. Thus, management is the field with top-paying jobs.

5. Which job is best for the future?

With the ever-expanding horizons of technology and digitalisation, jobs falling under the IT sector like software architecture, data scientist, cloud architecture, etc., offer immense scope in the future.


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