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How Are Layoffs Creating A Chasm In IT Industry?

05th Sep, 2023
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How Are Layoffs Creating A Chasm In IT Industry?

2017 is making a boom of mass layoffs. While taking up a job, we usually consider employment security is a pre-eminent thing. A jolt, mass layoffs in each and every sector are eliciting panic among the employees and youths as well. Every job seeker in this planet requires stability and a risk-free environment.

The Recession has been badly affecting the IT sector by unexpectedly slicing the labor-force because of the inclusion of the new advanced technologies and reduced market growth. The trend of automation is nowadays evolving in the IT industry circles. Artificial Intelligence and automation have replaced routine jobs with machines which were performed by humans.

IT industries only concentrate on result oriented performance. On the basis of the performance, they are laying off innumerable employees every year. But, this year number of employees losing their jobs if compared to the last few years is huge. They are facing problems like funding and investments which has affected start-up companies along with the big companies as well.

As per various media reports, American Information Technology prime- Cognizant, is likely to cut at least 6,000 employees which are equal to 2.3 percent of the total employees. This decision could be an outcome of the evolution of automation in IT sector or strict law on H1B visa rules by US government for Indians. Additionally, US government announced one rule for H1B visa holders which allowed skilled workers to immigrate to work only temporarily in the US.

Save your job with enhanced skills:

In 2016-2017, many more employees were laid off marking in the peak recession period. Very few got incorporated in some companies. Startup companies are like picky. They hire people who are multi-skilled and can grasp the things easily.  Recession can be a cause for impending financial meltdown in further years.

Mostly, we can’t avoid such situations. You must grip these inevitable changes by climbing the skills-set mountain and adding and posting your resume when job markets do tighten up. After grabbing the certificates, we are not only able to reduce the chances of losing a job, but also increase our chances of getting hired again. Here are the most leading four certification courses you can do-

  1. Agile:

Agile methodology is based on the principles of the Agile Manifesto. Agile Manifesto provides the disciplined project management outline which is favourable to dynamic inspection and adaptation. Agile method includes many product development frameworks such as Scrum and XP (eXtreme Programming) which allows rapid software delivery. The Scrum framework makes use of the simple iterative terms for team collaboration on complex projects.

A number of different Agile related certifications are available. So you can take different Scrum certifications like CSM, PSM, CSPO, CSPD, SAFe, PMI-ACP etc. which will definitely help you and your organization. The demand of Agile courses is more in IT industries now. 

  1. DevOps:

Projects these days have to be built with the quality, agility, scalability, and flexibility. A project which combines continuous software delivery with fast bug free queries in a stable operating environment, can definitely achieve business benefits and client satisfaction. To ensure this, organizations are adopting DevOps– a systematic approach that relies on the collaborative effort between operations, development, and QA, through the entire lifecycle of a project that leads to continuous improvement and Agility.

It is expected that project/product managers or those working on Enterprise Infrastructures, understand the various DevOps tools and technologies and their use in solving infrastructure issues. There can be a classroom, virtual and online modes of delivery available nowadays.

  1. ITIL:

With the constantly changing requirements of IT companies today, firms across the world acknowledge the growing need to manage their processes in a better way, bringing best practice guides to the forefront. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best practices for IT service management, which serve to align IT services with business needs. ITIL is used by the organizations worldwide to deliver value and maintain minimum quality benchmarks. It serves as a framework to define compliance and set in place strategies for improvement.

Today, it is among the most widely accepted approaches for best practice service management in the world and helps companies to benefit from advancements globally. Individuals who take this certification will be able to apply these principles to enhance the quality of IT service management in their organization.

  1. Prince2:

PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a practical, process-based methodology which furnishes a step-by-step guidance for project management. Also PRINCE2 defines transparent processes, steps and templates. The PRINCE2 project management framework is very generic and can be applied to any delivery approach. It has been built from the widely accepted best practices and can be applied to any project regardless of organisation, type or culture.

Prince2 contains two levels of qualification as follows-

  • The Foundation Level is the first qualification required to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner. This level helps the candidates to measure a comprehension of the principles and terminology of PRINCE2 and certifies that he can act as an informed member of a project management team using PRINCE2 and within an environment supporting PRINCE2.
  • The Practitioner Level is the second level and candidates have to clear the Foundation exam before proceeding to the Practitioner Level Exam. Sometimes, it is not mandatory to clear the Foundation exam to attend the PRINCE2 Practitioner Training. A certified candidate will be able to start working on real projects immediately.

These certifications can help you attain success at workplace or can save you from the wrath of “recession”.



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