Right Certification at Right Time of the Career

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08th Jun, 2022
06th Jul, 2017
Right Certification at Right Time of the Career

Today, in the growing dynamic environment, definitely the only non-changed thing is changing itself, whatever the driver is from, opportunity or threats from outside or inside your organization… Believing some of you already realized that more and more talents were being required in the market, since most of the developed organizations were investing more and more for building up or upgrading of the organization capability, for catering to the growing dynamic environment, that just is the capability of project initiative and management.

Congratulations, either a freshman or a seasonable player, if you are on the journey of project management, a hot and challengeable one. But how to select the right certificate at the right time on your growing career path?

Firstly, what you may be wondering is which certificate should one go for. Let’s start from here for quick snapshot on PRINCE 2, ITIL and PMP. Both PRINCE2 & ITIL is owned by AXELOS while PMP is owned by PMI. The PRINCE2 Certificates are  particularly recommended in Britain and other European countries, while PMP Certificate does in North America even both are recognized and valued globally, especially ITIL Certificates are accepted globally as a general good practice. Of course it is much more value added in a much more comprehensive project environment if you can obtain both PMP and PRINCE 2 certificates and capabilities.

So you can pick what you want based on company and region you are working for. In my case I picked PMP as the entrance of my project management journey in 2005.

Secondly, how to enhance or upgrade your professional certificate along your growing career path? I would like to talk about it based on the PMI triangle talents mode, including Technical Project Management, Leadership and Strategic & Business

Management 3 perspectives. 

Step I: PMP certificate is to qualify you as a project management professional from a technical perspective. More and more complex projects require a strong leadership and strategic & business acumen and skillsets.  To manage the complex stakeholders well and lead the project team effectively, ensure the running of the project in a timely manner and on track, the capability of ‘Project Management Leadership’ is strongly recommended to dynamically manage project team’s development along the different project lifecycle, mainly focus on how to manage team’s ‘forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning’ the model is firstly proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. Thus you can get your team into performing stage as early as possible, at least no later than the moment, while the project is already in the execution stage which needs more engagement and performing of project team.

From another perspective, enough Strategic and Business Management capability is required to be armed during project initiation and justification, which typically need the strong acumens of business or commercial, financing except for the foresee of project lifecycle. ‘BCW-Business Case Writing’ is just designed for building up the overall capability to create an impressive Business Case, which is used for project justification and authorization and will be converted into Project Charter once approved. Thus, you could be a role of Project Manager, Sr. Project Manager.

Step II:  With PMP certificate and years of experience for projects leading, plus the capability development of ‘Project Management Leadership’ and ‘Business Case Writing’, it is time to upgrade your professional certificate to PgMP (Program Management Professional) from PMP, since you already armed the force of project justification for a new project initiating, and the force of managing and influencing complex stakeholders. So far, you already are a strategic thinker from entire business strategy while successfully managing the complex projects and groups of projects at same time.

Moving forward, if you are further developing yourself in project management area, the ‘Situational Leadership Skills’ is recommended to develop your leadership for well manage and control the projects or project group with specific considering the different leadership style of project team and stakeholders, typically you will classify them into DISC 4 styles—Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness, and have a customized communication skills depend on the different stakeholders. Thus, you could play the role of Program Manager, or Director in your career path.

Step III:  With PgMP certificate and years of experience of Program Leading, plus the enhanced capability of ‘Situational Leadership Skills’, it is time to upgrade your professional certificate to PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional) from PgMP. But it is strongly recommended that you develop a ‘Strategy Planning and Management skills’ from business and strategic management perspective, before you go for PfMP certificate, of course, it is absolutely value added if you can develop yourself in ‘Management Accounting’, or obtain a ‘MBA degree’.

After that, you will be a real expert in Portfolio, Program and Project management from Technical Project Management, Leadership and Business and Strategic Management 3 perspectives described as talent triangle by PMI. Thus, you could play the role of a PMO director or Vice President in your career path.
Finally, you should be a vital important player in your organization, for project, program and portfolio management, business strategy initiative and management, you can turn on your into different industry for cross industry experience, or move to executive level management in your career path.



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