Cloud Network Engineer Salary: Your 2023 Guide

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23rd May, 2022
Cloud Network Engineer Salary: Your 2023 Guide

Cloud computing has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years and shows no signs of slowing. Cloud computing services and systems are in high demand as users seek increasingly new innovative network solutions. For aspiring engineers, specializing in cloud computing could be a wise move. The sector is expanding, and new job opportunities are emerging as wireless systems continue to evolve and edge computing is introduced.

Cloud network engineers are experts at moving functions and networks to private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. A Cloud Network Engineer is responsible for the implementation and management of network architectures in cloud infrastructures. A cloud network engineer manages a variety of tasks, including network design and troubleshooting, as well as knowledge of specific cloud providers and platforms. This person may work with architects who design cloud infrastructure on networking or cloud teams. 

Who is a Cloud Network Engineer?

A Professional Cloud Network Engineer works closely with Google Cloud's network architecture team to design, implement, and manage cloud networks. Depending on their experience, this individual may be working as a network or cloud architect on teams with architects who design cloud infrastructures. However, to secure a career as a cloud network engineer one needs to pursue an AWS Practitioner Certification course and learn about the related concepts in depth and understand their efficient use.  

Using Google Cloud Consoles and/or command line interfaces, the Cloud Network Engineer ensures a successful cloud implementation by utilizing their experience with networking, application and container networking, multi-cloud and hybrid connectivity, VPC implementation, and security for existing network architectures. A cloud network engineer salary is substantial, thus building a career in this field would drive your career to new heights. 

Job Responsibilities of a Cloud Network Engineer

The job of cloud network engineers is to support and migrate functions and networks to private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. This allows organizations to increase their productivity and flexibility. 

There are various roles that a cloud network engineer may be assigned depending on the employer or the brief for the project, i.e. usually based on the cloud network engineer salary. However, there are some common responsibilities that they have to fulfill: 

  • Planning, designing, and implementing cloud solutions for clients 
  • Offering growing businesses with cloud services 
  • Determine which cloud providers are appropriate 
  • Making growth plans with stakeholders and/or business owners 
  • Developing effective security strategies for cloud networks 
  • Maintaining a cloud network that responds to the needs of users 
  • Ensure compliance with applicable guidelines and legislation

Getting a job in this domain requires a Bachelor's degree in a field such as Computer Science, Information Science, and Technology, or in any other related field. To get a substantial salary in this field, you will need at least two years of experience in the field. In addition, if you want to be considered for this position, you will need certifications related to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure. 

Additionally, it is also important for you to know that there is no problem even if you do not have a Bachelor's degree. All that matters are your experience and your skills. You can get certified through the help of some renowned websites such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google by taking some courses. In order to successfully use the software, one needs to have a good knowledge of its technical aspects and various other technical terms. 

Cloud Network Engineer Salary in 2023

The average network cloud engineer salary is approximately INR 9 lakhs, though this is influenced by the amount of experience they have. Once you get into a position at a beginners level, you can begin with a lower compensation, however you will likely be able to surpass that amount as your ability scales as you develop and improve. 

Having said that, if you are planning to fill in as a consultant and utilize field architects for interacting with your customers, you can decide how much amount you need to procure and choose the tasks that are most suitable for you. 

A field designer has the ability to assist you on your journey whether you are new to the business, looking to make the move from an organization architect to a cloud engineer, or you are already a specialist in distributed computing and movement. They will help you take your career to a higher level, regardless of your current status. Also, enrolling yourself in Cloud Training Courses can also help you in developing your skills as a cloud network engineer.

Cloud Network Engineer Salary: Based on Experience

In order to find the right candidate for a job at the level of cloud network engineer, employers look for individuals who have shown insight and aptitude in the area of resource sending, management, and investigation. 

This is likewise the situation with many administration positions, where the employer expects an individual to possess a solid foundation in server farm frameworks organization, and a good deal of experience in review logging, event management, virtualization, and basic organization of the executive's conventions. 

Along with this, there is a tendency for beginners to demonstrate prior experience in Windows Server and other significant operating systems. 

1. Beginner

It's estimated that the average starting cloud AWS network engineer salary is around $83,286. To become a Cloud Network Engineer, you need to have a minimum of two years of experience in the field. 

2. Intermediate

The average mid-career cloud Azure network engineer salary is $93,845. 

3. Advanced

The average annual Google cloud network engineer salary is $106,522. This is based on their expertise and years of experience. 

Cloud Network Engineer Salary: Based on Location

CountryAverage Salary

How to Improve Cloud Network Engineer Salary?

Listed below are various ways to improve a cloud network engineer salary: 

A) Skills

Getting into the world of the cloud requires one to have a good grasp of the programming languages that are needed to do so. You should concentrate on learning languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, and Java in order to be able to succeed. It would also be a good idea to have a good understanding of MySQL and Hadoop so that you can deal with data effectively. There is no substitute for a thorough understanding of APIs, operating systems, and cloud service providers. 

Listed below are some of the important skills required for improving a cloud network engineer salary: 

1. Programming Skills 

It is essential that one is proficient enough in programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, and .NET in order to become a cloud network engineer. Getting an understanding of these programming languages is one of the best ways to become a pro in the field of cloud engineering. Work on them to gain ideas on how to implement them. 

2. APIs 

When it comes to becoming a cloud engineer, it is extremely important to have a deep understanding of APIs. APIs and web services are the foundation on which cloud architects build their architectures. Their responsibility is to deploy websites on a variety of different platforms and to ensure that they work properly. 

3. Database 

Data has become one of the most important components of today's technology-driven world, and it is being generated in exponential quantities day in and day out. There are many benefits to having an understanding of database management skills like MySQL and Hadoop, since they will be of great help in the future. 

4. Operating System 

In order to be an effective Cloud Engineer, one should have a good understanding of different operating systems. The candidates should have a good understanding of Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows operating systems. Since Linux has become a mandatory part of cloud computing in recent years, it is imperative for you to have a thorough understanding of the technology. 

5. Security 

Whenever you deal with data, and more specifically storing it in a cloud, security is one of the biggest concerns you have to deal with. IAM (Identity Access Management) and firewalls are some of the techniques that are used by cloud engineers to protect the data in the cloud. 

6. Cloud Service Providers 

There are a few leading cloud service providers that you should be aware of to succeed in the field of cloud engineering. These are Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. For a better understanding of how each of these works, you may want to consider getting a certificate in any one of them. 

B) Certifications

You can become certified with some of the world's leading cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. If you have any of the certifications mentioned above, then you are going to be quite well positioned to be able to enter the domain and gain knowledge about what this work entails. 

C) Degrees

While not having a degree will never put you at a disadvantage in your career, having a Bachelor's degree in the relevant field can be a plus point for you to be able to get into the cloud sector as a professional. For instance, a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology could be a plus factor for you. 

D) Experience

By working more, you gain experience, which in turn enables you to become the best in any field you choose to work in. In the long run, once you have been in this field for some time, gaining experience and exposure will enable you to explore more options where you can demonstrate your talents and enjoy a salary that can reach crores of rupees. 

Why are Cloud Network Engineers Paid So Much?

As a result of a limited number of professionals, and the fact that there is a high demand for network engineers, network engineers earn high salaries. As long as they take up certification courses and up-skill themselves, they have the potential to earn high wages in this career.


There is a need for companies to hire cloud network engineers with high skill sets who will be able to provide their best efforts in the field. Considering the fact that the world is migrating towards the cloud, it is imperative that you give it a try and observe a boom in your career after you do. 

The skills required to become a cloud network engineer should be taken care of without any second thought. Moreover, there is a high probability that cloud network engineer careers will grow by 35% in the years ahead and there are ample opportunities in 2023 and in the coming years. 

Take advantage of this booming career and obtain an excellent AWS cloud network engineer salary. Become a cloud network engineer, and in order to make a name for yourself in this field you can start by pursuing the KnowledgeHut’s AWS Practitioner Certification Course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should network engineers learn the cloud?

A network engineer might very well have a great deal of experience when it comes to assessing and implementing cloud solutions, and this might prove to be an advantage in your application, given your knowledge of how to evaluate and implement cloud solutions. There is no doubt that upgrading your skills in the current job market and becoming familiar with cloud-based systems are essential aspects of staying relevant on the job market.

2. Which cloud course is best for network engineers?

There are several leading cloud service providers in the world that you can receive certification from, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The fact that you possess any of the certifications mentioned above will certainly put you in a good position to be able to enter the domain and gain a deep understanding of the nature of the work involved in this field.

3. Is Cloud networking hard?

There is no doubt that learning cloud networking isn't too difficult as long as one is guided by a reputable training institute that offers help and guidance. It is possible to learn all the core concepts and topics related to cloud networking in a short period of time by taking the cloud networking certification course.

As a result of this course, as well as getting an increased sense of self-confidence and self-assurance, aspirants will also be able to enter the corporate world as fully qualified and fully-fledged cloud networking experts after completing their studies.


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