5 Research-Backed Email Marketing Tips That Really Work

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27th May, 2022
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5 Research-Backed Email Marketing Tips That Really Work

Email marketing success depends on a number of factors for digital marketers. First, you need a targeted list with the right message, content, and design to actually motivate people to open and read your email as well as to follow the included call to action. You also need to make sure your email messages avoid triggers that will send them directly to recipients’ spam folders. But today, there’s so much more.

We’ve moved so far beyond basic email marketing in recent years with the advanced features offered in email marketing and customer relationship management applications. Just sending an email message to your list is too rudimentary in today’s world. Instead, you need to create more complex email campaigns that move consumers through the marketing funnel effectively.

How do you know what to try first? Fortunately, the research has already been done for you. Here are five research-backed email marketing tips that you can start using immediately to improve your open rates, click through, and conversions.

1. Refocus Your Time on Email Marketing

Social media and content marketing might be the hot topics these days, but email marketing is actually more effective at customer acquisition. According to a study by McKinsey, email is 40% more effective at customer acquisition than Facebook or Twitter!

Yes, you need to be active on social media and you should continue to publish useful content for your target audience on your blog and across the web, but you should consider shifting some of the time you spend on social media marketing to email marketing. The proof is in the numbers.

2. Prioritize Mobile First

For digital marketers, we’ve been operating in a mobile first environment for a while now. Research by Campaign Monitor found that 53% of email opens are now happening on mobile devices, which is more than desktop and web opens.

In other words, at least one out of every two people opens your email messages on a mobile device, so your design, navigation (including the sites where the links in your email messages lead people), and content must display and work correctly on smartphones and tablets. There is no room for error on this anymore.

3. Start Automating

Email automation makes a significant difference to your return on investment. According to research by DemandGen, marketers see a 20% average increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads when they automate the email marketing process.

With this in mind, setting up automated email campaigns to move prospects through the marketing funnel is critical to boosting sales. Since you can set these campaigns up and then let them run, the long-term investment is small, but they’ll continue to drive business to you for a long time.

4. Segment Your List and Your Messages

Sending the same messages to your entire list is a waste. Instead, you should be segmenting your list and sending highly targeted messages to specific segments. According to the DMA, segmentation drives a 760% increase in revenue. Additionally, A/B tests improve conversions by 49%.

Start segmenting and split testing as soon as possible. Success in this area is all about experimenting! Test your messaging, design, timing, offers, and more. Also, think about the consumer behaviors that you can segment and use as email triggers such as when a consumer abandons their shopping cart, makes a purchase, or views specific products on your website. Behavior-based messages are highly targeted and timely. As a result, they usually work very well!

5. Add Marketing Messages to Transactional Messages

Research by Experian found that transactional email messages have open rates that are eight times higher than non-transactional messages. In other words, emails that confirm an order or download, notify a customer that an item has shipped, acknowledge that a return has been received, and so on are opened far more often than other kinds of messages.

Think about the transactional messages you send and add marketing messages and offers to as many as you can. Just make sure those offers are relevant to the message!


Susan Gunelius

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Susan Gunelius is a 20-year marketing veteran and President & CEO of KeySplash Creative. She also owns an award-winning blog, Women on Business.

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