E-Mail Marketing Training: Potential Beyond 2017

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02nd Jul, 2017
E-Mail Marketing Training: Potential Beyond 2017

No one can deny the fact that the internet is the most used and fastest medium to get desired information about the latest product or service available at the most reasonable price. Over the decades, it has become the most used medium to carry the information surpassing the use of traditional mediums. The growing acceptance of e-mail marketing is powered by the increasing access and dependency over the internet; today, e-mail marketing has become the integral part of any marketing plan. Sensing the potential in the coming years, numbers of people are turning to join the e-mail marketing training from the experts at frontier management consulting and training organizations.

5 Reasons to Join E-Mail Marketing Training:

Whatsoever field you chose for the career development, it must have long lasting potential. In case, you are already engaged as a digital marketer, the e-mail marketing training will edge your proficiency and performance. The statistics collected from the difference resources confirm the scope to succeed as an e-mail marketing expert.

  • Customizable Marketing With a Personal Touch:

E-mail marketing allows to segment your target audience and to tailor the e-mails for different segments. The e-mail personalization helps you to addresses the concerns of potential buyers in particular segment; as a result, they feel more cared and connected with your brand /business. According to a research conducted by Adestra, the mails with recipient’s name in subject line are 22.2 percent more prone to be opened.

  • Action Oriented:

The email marketing is transactional by its nature. As a trained e-mail marketing expert, you can use this marketing skill to boost the traffic to the business website. When the e-mails are used as the part of marketing strategy, you get more inquiries enriched with high potential of conversion.

  • Mobile Devices Keep the Buyers Searching:

The use of mobile devices is increasing fast. According to Adestra’s 2016 Consumer Adoption & Usage Study, 55% more mails are opened on mobiles. Each mail gets the instant attention of recipient; it means, e-mail marketing delivers the results fast.

  • E-mail Marketing is Measurable:

When you plan e-mail marketing campaign with the help of tracking software, you can track the response for each mail from the particular recipient. It is easy to get true picture of the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. During the e-mail marketing training, you learn to make your e-mails more action oriented.

  • E-Mail Marketing is Economic

Despite being fast to deliver and easy to track, e-mail marketing is the most economic marketing tactic. It is the most suitable yet effective marketing tool for the businesses having low budget for marketing. According to a study by Forrester Research, 85% of US retailers accept email marketing as the most effective customer acquisition practice (2014 Shop.org/Forrester Research, Inc.).

e-Mail Marketing Course:

The scope of training, curriculum’s dimension, teaching methodology, exposure to practical conditions etc are the prime factors that you must compare before re-enrolling for e-mail marketing training. The essential elements of e-mail marketing course are –

Introduction to Email Marketing                Using Email as Conversation Tool

Emails Creation                                                 Landing Page Incorporation

Mailing List Creation                                       Blacklist and Spam

Use of Esps                                                         Metrics, Measurement & Improvement…

Learning in groups with plenty of opportunities to handle the projects independently makes the e-mail marketing training a specific skill development exercise. The participants learn to plan and execute the targeted e-mail campaigns most effective marketing tool to generate quick traffic, inquiries, and database.

5 Tips To Excel As a Certified E-Mail Marketing Expert:

According to several recent survey reports, almost 72 % consumers say that emails are the most preferred choice for brand communication & here’s the Research based E-mail marketing tips that works. The trend seems good for your success but it makes the task challenging also; therefore, you need a smarter approach to grab the subscribers attention:

  • Use Interactive emails highlighting particular topic
  • Create easy to read and scan e-mails with visual excellence
  • Use dynamic content to personalize the e-mail
  • Place CAT (call to action) buttons at the top of e-mail
  • Automate the welcome email – the businesses using automated welcome mails get 53% better conversion rate.

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