How 2017 Will Be A Promising Year For Social Media ??

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20th Apr, 2021
25th Feb, 2017
How 2017 Will Be A Promising Year For Social Media ??

Social media dominated the world in the year of 2016 and digital marketing agencies are utilizing it very well. Social media remains one of the most reasonable means of branding options for startups and corporates. Moreover, it has enhanced the way customers interacted with companies.

Social media marketing is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. This is due to a lot of new features getting added live streaming, VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the fake news scam that the entire social sector fights against. Facebook alone has has reached around 1.79 billion monthly active users followed by Instagram that has 600 million active users. More social media marketing tips huge possibilities for growth.

In this post, we’ll discuss how 2017 will be promising year for social media. Below are the social media trends that will probably gain popularity.

Live Streaming:

Various social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have rolled out with live streaming features. Additionally, Facebook has recently announced to roll out 360-degree video options for its users.

Live video will give business a huge opportunity to connect with their customers and instantly. Brands can also conduct AMA (Ask me anything) sessions and give product demos live.

Fight Against Fake News:

Fake news was one of the major issues Facebook faced in the year of 2016. During elections, we have also seen fake news was shared across all social media platforms.

To tackle is challenge Facebook has already starting working on its technology. They have also started weeding out some stories. In addition to this, Facebook is working with fact-checking organizations to check if the news is fake or not. They are working with ABC News, Snopes, AP and to launch this initiative.


With this new Facebook feature, you can find new event, places, services and things to do around you. According to Facebook, it has potentials to solve the problem from booking a ticket to interact with business easily.

AI (Artificial Intelligence):

AI is about to change the face of social media, the way customers communicate to brands. AI is not just about communicating with customers but encourage sales and increase conversions. AI is the perfect solution in enhancing the user experience.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many others have initiated this feature in order to provide better customer services and serve better.

Paid Social Media Promotion:

It has become difficult to attain results only with organic social traffic. This is due to introduction of the new Instagram algorithm in the year of 2016. In other words, if you want your business page to be seen, you have to opt for paid promotions.

According the research done by Adobe, social media spending is expected to surpass $41 billion mark in the current year.

Rise in Chatbots:

Customer service should be one of the most important factors for companies entering 2017. Chatbots are important in order to provide better customer service. It allows fast and immediate action by facilitating a quicker communication and reducing the response time.

Do you know that Slack and Facebook messenger are using chatbots to communicate with Even companies are now building their chatbots for people to interact faster. They provide answers to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and to provide instant information about the product or service.

Mobile Advertising:

According to the research done by stat counter, mobile internet usage exceeds desktop. Whereas internet coming from mobile devices accounted for 51.3 percent compared to 48.7 percent by desktop.

Mobile advertising is expected to grow in the coming year. If you are not advertising on mobile devices you may miss out your potential customers. Moreover, brands generated more traffic coming through mobile ads.


Social media is changing rapidly, and to increase the reach brands need to incorporate new trends to let customers identify them and this sea of brands. Brands need to bring out innovative ways to communicate with customers for better effectiveness.


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