How to write emails that your customers will want to read!

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16th May, 2022
03rd Jun, 2015
How to write emails that your customers will want to read!

Writing an email is never easy, even for the best writer among us. And if you are trying to write something that compels your reader into actual action, that’s another ball game altogether! All businesses use emails to attract potential customers, retain existing ones, and reach out to tell the world about who they are and what they do.

If you’re struggling, as most of us are, to perfect your email marketing strategy, here are some tried and tested tips to get you going.

Get personal!

Every email you send should be personal. Your customer is not faceless…he or she is a living breathing person and would appreciate being treated as one! Address them by name, and sign off with yours. Keep your audience in mind, and reach out with emails that they can relate to. Have a call-to-action that they would want to explore.

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Tell a story; grab attention

Think of your email as a story- draw the reader in with a great introduction, build up the story, and then lead up to a great climax which will make them click on to your website, or sign up on a deal. Make your email so interesting that your customer wants to find out more!

People don’t like to read.

People just don’t have the time to read longwinded descriptions…and that’s a fact. If you don’t want your email to be delegated to the trash bin without even a glance, make sure your subject lines are compelling, your paragraphs crisp and short, and your email design is clean. Draw attention to the main message with bold font.

Research. Research. Research.

Keywords are, in fact, the key to successful emails as well…they aren’t just for websites. Do some research to find out the keywords that work well in your web pages; and make sure you use them across your emails as well to drive open and click rates. Of course, your content should flow well and not sound like a bunch of keywords strung together!

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When should the email be sent?

Here’s something many people don’t think about…what is the best time to send out an email? Find out what works best for your kind of emails. Monday morning inboxes could be very full, and your marketing efforts could get lost in a mountain of emails. Shopping deals would be best sent just before a holiday. Even the time of the day matters…an email sent at noon may work better than one that’s sent in the morning. Find out your best open and click rates, and work on using those timings for better results.

Put in a little extra effort, and you can be sure that the emails you send get opened, and get read. Make sure your brand doesn’t get the boot. Targeted emails, not more emails, will do the trick!

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