Simple Tricks To Boost Website Conversions

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19th Apr, 2021
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Simple Tricks To Boost Website Conversions

Every digital marketer wants to increase website conversions, which could include capturing leads or actually making sales. Whatever your goals are, you won’t achieve them if your website isn’t configured to maximize conversions. This includes having the right messages, design, and features in place.

To help you review your website, take a look at the tricks listed below that will undoubtedly boost conversions. Sometimes, the simplest modification can have the biggest impact.

Make what you want visitors to do extremely obvious.

What do you want people to do when they arrive on your website? Never assume that they know what to do. Instead, make it extremely obvious. Include powerful calls to action so there is never any doubt in consumers’ minds what they should do when they land on any page on your website.

Offer a road map and clear signposts.

You have to guide people through your website so they know where to go and don’t get lost. Think about the paths you want them to take when they arrive on different pages of your website and create calls to action and design elements that lead them through that path.

Easy to follow navigation is essential to ensuring you capture as many leads and sales as possible on your website. Use breadcrumbs and a sitemap if your site is complex so people who get lost can find there way back to the information they’re looking for without difficulty.

Remove extraneous details and elements.

Clutter is a conversion killer. If your website has too much text, images, ads, videos, and so on, then people don’t know what to look at or where to go. They get overwhelmed and click away.

Instead of trying to include as much information as you can on each web page, make sure each page is focused on specific messages and actions that will lead to conversions. Remember trick #1 above. You need to make it obvious what you want people to do when they land on your website. Too much clutter does exactly the opposite!

Offer proof – lots of proof.

Consumers want to do business with brands and businesses they trust, so it’s imperative that your website includes a lot of proof that you’ll live up to your brand promise and meet their expectations. Testimonials work well but only if real people provide them.

It’s up to you to prove that the testimonials you publish on your website are real. You can do this by including pictures of each person who gives a testimonial along with a link to their website (if yours is a business to business company). You can also ask for recommendations on LinkedIn and display those on your website. LinkedIn recommendations have to be given by real people, so they work well to offer the proof consumers are looking for.

Also, link to your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles and include a blog on your website. This type of social proof gives you a way to show that you’re authentic and can deliver on your brand promise. When people trust your brand and business, your website conversions will increase


Susan Gunelius

Blog Author

Susan Gunelius is a 20-year marketing veteran and President & CEO of KeySplash Creative. She also owns an award-winning blog, Women on Business.

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