5 Tips and Tricks To Market On Facebook

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27th May, 2022
18th Nov, 2016
5 Tips and Tricks To Market On Facebook

Marketing has always been a top priority to businesses and entrepreneurs. Various media are used to promote a product like advertisements on television, newspapers, etc. These traditional streams are generally expensive and their reach could be limited. Social media marketing has become a whole new stream for marketing and is a viable option as one gets a chance to reach to hundreds and thousands of consumers effectively.

Facebook is an undisputed leader in social media and provides for a more targeted and budget-friendly approach. What makes it attractive is that it has around one billion logins each day. As a medium that connects people, Facebook provides unique features for marketing and promoting your product.

Before using it as a marketing tool, one needs to understand its key features. Here are 5 tips and tricks to market on Facebook:

1. Starting with Pages and ads

A user needs to create a page for marketing to reach as many as people possible instead of just a personal account. You can even convert your personal account into a page. Once, a Facebook page is created, your page will be given a random URL. You need to get assigned to a vanity URL that may be a common name or a string of intelligible words like www.facebook.com/tipsandtricks. This can be converted easily in page settings.

If you haven’t created a page, get started with ads. Ads can be created without creating a page. Put as much as description you can, in fewer words for viewer to understand easily what your ad is all about.

2. Boosting your Page posts

To make a post reach thousands of people, Facebook gives ‘Boost Post’ option under every post. You need to pay Facebook to make posts reachable to larger number of audience and this boosted-up post is visible to viewers as Sponsored post.

3. Enable Call-to-action

Facebook gives a call-to-action button to help interested viewers to reach you easily. This Call-to-action button has 7 pre-existing buttons and you have to choose one out of them. For example: If your page is related to a website, you can choose ‘Sign-up’ and if it is about a clothing store, you can choose ‘Shop Now’.

4. Writing an effective Meta description

If you have shared some content or article of your blog or website, Facebook’s meta description feature will pick up few starting lines or words to show it under a thumbnail of the post. Use this to your advantage by setting this content with meta descriptions. This will interest viewers and help them interpret your post easily.

5. Adding image to posts

Statistically, a post with images attracts more viewers as compared to posts without it. Posts having images have 84-87% more open clicks. Also, the words written in caption should supplement the content in pics adequately.

Follow these basic tips and tricks to help you market effectively on Facebook



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