What Are The Best Times To Post Content On Social Media?

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08th Jun, 2022
26th Apr, 2017
What Are The Best Times To Post Content On Social Media?

The best time to make a post on any social media platform is when the audience is ready to see your post and is available on the network. That is the simplest answer to this question.

Got it? However, managing your social media accounts is not that simple: either it is related to making tweets or mastering the Facebook world, there is a great technicity is this.

And what most of the social media users know is that there is a proper plan for doing it right – if you follow some things, you have almost reached to the wanted results for which you are working. This whole process requires some pre-defined foresight and knowledge, and then you are on your way to post the highly engaging content.

Here are some genuine guidelines on some of the top social media networks which can help you to sort out the exact time when you should post on them.

Post on Facebook as the afternoon falls

The majority of the people require some motivation to pass through the afternoon, and here are those people referred who have great urge to check their Facebook accounts. Making a post on Facebook about 1 pm to 4 pm, the outcomes regarding the highest clicks is amazing. However, the rate of clicks rises by 3 pm and remains significant up to 8 am, especially on weekends.

Tweet after the lunchtime

Most of the people check the Twitter near the lunchtime, and peak posting days are between Monday and Thursday. But as clocks strike 3 pm on Friday, you will notice most of the check-ins. You can also put a photo for getting 48% more retweets.

No one checks LinkedIn on Friday

It seems that as people are closing up their workweek, they develop very less interest in what is occurring on LinkedIn. During the mid of week, around noon and at 5 pm, there is much activity on this platform.

Pinterest is for daydreamers (weekends)

The users of Pinterest check in the platform for getting the ideas about home organization, tasty recipes, and other stuff usually on weekends, particularly on the Saturdays. And it seems like there is wide traffic on the site during working hours since this is worst duration to post on Pinterest.

Tumblr is for night owls (late night)

Users of Tumblr are more of the night owl’s kind. Few of the best moments to post there are from 7 pm to 10 pm, and it works out if you post anytime before 4 pm.

Google+ is the first thing people see after they get up in morning

Dissimilar to Tumblr, Google+ have got a flock of early birds. The engagement is high during the mornings.

Instagram is all time favorite

Instagram is likely to steady. However, there is a slight rise in the traffic on Mondays which decreases on Sundays. Amazingly, each day of the week is the day to post on Instagram. Research showed that the engagement on Instagram is fairly smooth for all days in a week. Some of the users prefer to check-in during off-work hours than working hours.

According to these considerations scheduling the posting of content on social media platforms is greatly affected by the time zones in which people are active on these networks. You can test this scheduling by some of the social media messages or posts for knowing the right time for making these posts. CoSchedule is one of the best scheduling tool, which focuses on certain time and uses the social network’s analytics to gauge the success of your posts with respect of timing of posts and users using the network.


Qurban Shah

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Qurban Shah is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghost writing and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He is currently working for Vibbi an all-in-one Instagram marketing solution that lets you grow your Instagram profile.

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