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20th Apr, 2021
18th Jan, 2017
E-learning - Featured Education

Today’s world is a world of advancement and technology. Nowadays in every sector, whether it be educational sector, financial sector, banking sector, production sector, entertainment sector, or sports sector, the electronic mediums and electronic devices are widely in use. Of course, initially when this system of e-learning was introduced, people did not support this initiative of replacing manpower work with that of machines, but gradually as time passed, they realized that these machines will not reduce their work, as the machines installed need to be operated with the help of man, and that these will help only in making their work easier and will save their time and energy. Later this change in the method of working was widely acceptable by all.

There are several reasons why people choose Online education. Nowadays almost all the educational institutions such as schools, colleges, tuition classes, and so forth, have started to impart education to the students through various electronic mediums such as smartphones, web pages, websites, webcams, whiteboards, screencasting, web conferencing, webinars, and so on. Due to the availability of all these mediums e-learning has become quite advantageous. Listed below are various advantages by Elvento Labs, which prove that this method of learning is an effective way of providing education. They are as follows:

  • Time and Money Saving: A person can attain all the necessary knowledge and information of his/her own interest at any time and at any place through e-learning. He/she need not spend his/her time or adjust his/her schedule in order to gain knowledge by going to various educational institutions. In this manner, it is right to say that e-learning method saves time and money, as the person’s travelling time is reduced and he/she gets the freedom to learn and understand a particular topic at his/her own pace and according to his/her own thinking and grasping capabilities.
  • Builds Confidence: Sometimes it happens that the student is not comfortable in expressing his/her thoughts or asking the queries in the classroom because of the fear of getting insulted by the peers or thinking that the educator would consider him/her as dumb, so in e-learning this barrier is removed, as here the learner and the educator are two unknown parties just serving the purpose of learning and educating. So, here the learner can ask as many queries as he wishes, which ultimately opens him up and builds confidence within him/her.
  • Global Opportunity: E-learning also helps the students to get engaged in various courses that are taught in foreign countries that give them the scope and opportunity to learn those courses online without going to the foreign country. In e-learning method of learning, they are not restricted to only the syllabus taught in the classrooms, but they also get the benefit of learning some new skill and course that is out of the box.
  • Easy Tracking: If a person uses the learning management software (LMS), a software application for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning courses, and training programs, then the learner can easily track the progress and can know that how much he/she has benefited and understood the topic and how much more efforts are required to be put in.
  • Capacity and Consistency: Along with the students, e-learning is also beneficial to the educators. As the education is imparted through Electronic Medias, it becomes interesting and so the strength of the class tends to increase automatically, because of which the educators are able to cover or provide knowledge to a large number of students at the same time in a systematic and consistent manner.
  • Effective way of Learning: E-learning is beneficial not only for the educational institutions, teachers and the students but is also beneficial for the business firms and the employees working in the organisation. It has a direct impact on the profitability of the company. It has also improved the scores of tests and other evaluations taken before appointment. There has also been a large increase in the number of learners who have achieved mastery level in their courses. E – Learning even facilitates better long term retention of information. It also becomes necessary to refresh and update the coursework from time to time as the rate of retention of knowledge keeps on increasing rapidly.
  • Wider Scope: E-learning is useful in all the fields and areas, starting from the educational sector to that of the sports sector. Through e-learning, one can create reports, projects, profiles, and data and can even communicate the ideas, opinions, thoughts, information, facts, and concepts very easily and conveniently. Even trainings can be given to the employees in a remote location and in a consistent fashion, giving them a feel of on-the-job training.

As per recent research on Online learning says that future is turning into E learning.So, e-learning has brought a new dimension in the education style that is beneficial to each and every person, whether it be a student or an industrialist. This system, as any other system, has its disadvantages too, but they are quite less in number and are always overlooked when one considers the benefits.



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