8 Career Tips During the Coronavirus Era

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22nd Sep, 2020
27th Apr, 2020
8 Career Tips During the Coronavirus Era

The situation is extremely challenging, as the Great Depression in the 1930s. However, we must have faith in our resolution to not let this Coronavirus outbreak turn as bad as the Great Depression. Presently, the job market has been going through a phase of rapid layoffs and working remotely. Both large-scale and small-scale, companies are working remotely to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Searching for a job during this terrible and chaotic outbreak is leaving people with nothing but anxiety towards an uncertain future. 

Companies are recruiting at a sporadic pace and number. However, the search in hiring strong new talents required to take over and solve challenges remain as the priority. Companies are hiring lesser candidates, thus spurring a lot of competition to get the job slots. So the necessary thing for the applicants to do is to be strategic, intentional, and go for a job type that they will love to do. 

Yes, people will get multiple options to work now, either as full-time employees or part-time, as freelancers as companies are hiring to have their project and contract-based positions filled in. There is always a silver lining at the end of a rainbow and similarly, during this pandemic, there is a great scope for people to enhance their skill set, connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn and show people that they are up for the next challenge. This results in a quicker hiring process and cycle. 

Below are the 8 career tips to pursue jobs during the period dominated by COVID-19. 

1. Timing the job search based on the level of urgency 

This one is crucial for people who feel a sense of urgency to restlessly looking for jobs if they are currently unemployed. They can also consider searching for a full-time job if they just need a position quickly. The best suggestion for a candidate would be to stay calm and set a timeline for when he or she would like to get a new role to match up to the expectations of the hiring companies. Instead of blindly applying, candidates should focus on managing their network to get additional opportunities and keep track of their progress. 

2. Build-up connections witonline networks 

Check the job networks online, some could involve friends, mentors, and colleagues. This helps in spotting someone who employs or to find open roles in organizations. Looking for professionals in a similar field of work would allow candidates to talk to potential contacts about job opportunities, events, and virtual networking. Joining online communities, like Facebook or LinkedIn, will further facilitate the need of seeing jobs and networking. This provides the perfect opportunity to build fresh and genuine links and revive old ones during this epidemic. 

3. Identify and apply for companies that are adapting well during Covid-19 

This is the perfect time for candidates to recognize and submit their job applications to companies that are coping well with the COVID-19 outbreak and get used to the new work environment. To keep things running as normal, most professional firms have their offices moved to work remotely. Furthermore, the demand for multiple roles in the healthcare and manufacturing companies is also growing fast due to the emergency caused by COVID-19. 

4. Upgrading resume and online profiles 

Applicants should patiently update their curriculum vitae and online social networking profiles to reflect their career’s recent successes, preparation, interests, and abilities. If they market your skills and brand to the employers, then this will stamp the fact that you are on a quest to embracing better opportunities. Such applicants will also have an edge over the others. Reading the job description carefully when applying for remote jobs to demonstrate the skills relevant to the job description is also a good protocol. 

5. Upskill with online courses to build up your professional skill

Job seekers should utilize this spare time to take up legitimate online courses related to their profession. This will allow them to hone existing skills and learn new ones as well. Applying for new positions with the added credibility of these certifications will greatly boost your chances. Due to the current situation, a variety of online training companies have been providing free technical education and courses. 

6. Flexibility in working and utilizing temporary opportunities

It is recommended to the job applicants to stay in the flow by embracing freelance jobs. Entering as a freelancer for the first time means that job seekers should have the best skills at their disposal and search for ways to use them appropriately. They can think of ways to use their hobbies too. In these hard times, agility and flexibility is the key to save and rejuvenate your career. 

7. Virtual interviewing and working remotely

Since we are practicing socially distancingthe new method to attend interviews will be virtual, so job applicants need to adapt accordinglyBefore the interview, it is necessary to watch out for the surroundings to find a spot that is quiet, comfortable, and well-lit - almost simulating an interview roomThe required video call software should be installed in the compatible devices before the interview. Ensure a fast internet connection is available for a smooth interview. 

8. Be patient during the hiring process 

Lastly, it is necessary to stay calm and patient during the hiring processAs much as this is a tough time for us, so is it for the companies. The challenges being faced by the hiring companies are quite daunting and going through so much change in a short time and adapting to the same is quite difficultKeep in mind that the hiring and onboarding processes will take some time as everything is being done remotely and without any face-to-face interaction. 

Moving Ahead

As Joseph P Kennedy has famously quoted, when the going gets tough, the tough get going - as humans, we can endure the global pandemic with our perseverance, tenacity, and zeal. This mass pandemic has given people the chance to look at their opportunities on a broader spectrum and utilize the skills that they never thought they could harness. Thanks to the option of working remotely due to technological advancements, the COVID-19 outbreak has indirectly given us the chance to test our resilience under an unexpected situation and grow even stronger, mentally, academically, and professionally. Stay safe and keep learning!



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