DevOps Institute and Partners Giving IT Organization A New Collective Approach with ScrumOps

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13th Feb, 2023
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DevOps Institute and Partners Giving IT Organization A New Collective Approach with ScrumOps

On April 4th, 2017, at Boston and Boca Raton, Fla the Scrum.Org and DevOps announced their collaboration in making a product delivery organization. This initiative will bring a revolutionary change in the IT organization, with a modern perspective to deliver the Software products with ScrumOps.

The workshop is primarily focussed on development, support, infrastructure, service, security management, business, supplier management and all other aspects that define a responsive IT organization. The workshop will be conducted on Wednesday, April 26, 1:45 pm – 4:45 pm at Unior Ballroom Section B1, Irving Convention Center.

“Transforming into a next-generation, agile IT organization may be easier than many people think,” said Dave West,CEO,

“When we bring the practices and ideologies of Scrum and DevOps together, we can truly shape the end-to-end IT organization,” said Jayne Groll, CEO, DevOps Institute.

This collaboration would help the IT professionals through the use of Scrum, which will empower them by providing a light framework. The DevOps will provide them with resources related to system thinking, automation, and lean practices. This would help the IT professionals support their work and deliver like never before.

So basically, together, both the communities will end up providing user-oriented solutions. By employing these, the IT professionals will be able to understand the user’s needs in building, deploying and securing the given system.



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