Apply Promo Codes And Get Amazing Discounts From KnowledgeHut This New Year

  Ring the year in with the best of offers by KnowledgeHut. Grab the golden opportunity by availing up to 15% discounts on professional courses. Avail your 15% discount on all instructor-led LIVE virtual training by using the coupon code - NYOCL15 Avail your 10% discount on all classroom training by using the coupon code - NYCL10 *The coupon codes will be valid until January 5th 2018.
Rated 4.0/5 based on 20 customer reviews

Apply Promo Codes And Get Amazing Discounts From KnowledgeHut This New Year

Apply Promo Codes And Get Amazing Discounts From KnowledgeHut This New Year


Ring the year in with the best of offers by KnowledgeHut. Grab the golden opportunity by availing up to 15% discounts on professional courses.

Avail your 15% discount on all instructor-led LIVE virtual training by using the coupon code - NYOCL15

Avail your 10% discount on all classroom training by using the coupon code - NYCL10

*The coupon codes will be valid until January 5th 2018.


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MEP 3.0 : A New Version of MapR Ecosystem Pack released

On 10th April 2017, MapR Technologies Inc. introduced a new version of their Ecosystem pack called MEP 3.0. Along with Spark connectors for HBase and MapR-D, they feature intensified security for Apache Spark. MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) allows the developer to upgrade their open source ecosystem stack individually from the converged Data Platform. In future, with the quarterly updates, the new MEP 3.0  will help developers to be updated in a similar manner as projects like Apache Drill and Apache Spark. Spark is widely used Big Data Processing Engine while  Drill is an open-source software framework that supports data-intensive SQL query engine, allowing  MapR to explore Big Data. “The adoption of Spark and Drill continues to advance at a fast pace with enterprises worldwide,” said MapR exec Will Ochandarena in a news release yesterday. “With a regular cadence of ecosystem updates that make it easier to adopt for production use, our customers immediately benefit from rapid open source innovation with the reliability, scale and performance of the Converged Data Platform.” In the blog post, MapR’s Rachel Silver explained  “This Native Spark Connector for MapR-DB JSON is a new API that makes it easier to build real-time or batch pipelines between your data and MapR-DB and to leverage Spark or Spark Streaming within the pipeline,” she said. “Compared to other connectors for MapR-DB — such as the JDBC connector — the Native Spark Connector is more efficient, and the code is simpler to write.” MEP 3.0 supports Spark 2.1.0 which basically focuses on Security and Stability. This new version includes many updates like: Apache Spark 2.1.0 –  Improvement in Stability and security. Apache Drill 1.10 – Improvement in the BI tool Integration, performance, and end-to-end security. Apache Hive 2.1.1 – Improvement in Querying and Data Processing. MapR Streams – New APIs for Python application and C language Native Spark Connector for MapR-DB JSON – High integration with greater efficiency for MapR-DB. MapR Installer – Have included features to simplify add-ons and upgrades.
Rated 4.0/5 based on 20 customer reviews
MEP 3.0 : A New Version of MapR Ecosystem Pack rel...

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KnowledgeHut Celebrates 7 Years Of Continuous Learning And Knowledge Delivery

In its perennial pursuit of optimized learning and spreading the power of knowledge across industries, KnowledgeHut has grown a year older. Stepping into its 7th anniversary, the organization, widely looked upon as a towering body of knowledge and skills has turned out to be a stable and powerful hub for the industry elites. From its humble beginning in Bangalore, India, the organization has grown over the past 7 years to become a beacon for customized coaching and consulting. Right from its infancy, KnowledgeHut has been on an unfailing mission to upskill tomorrow's workforce.The directors of KnowledgeHut, Mandarapu Nagaraju, Mallu Subramanyam Reddy, are proud to celebrate the company’s 7th year anniversary.Innovation is part of the company’s story. Supporting the clients, KnowledgeHut has always applied value-adding innovative ideas with updated methodologies. The productive team with full of professional drive, innovative ideas and creativity have worked endlessly this whole time to successfully achieve KnowledgeHut’s key objective- becoming the standard of excellence in the market.Words by our Co-founder and Managing Director- Subramanyam ReddySubramanyam Reddy (Co-founder and Managing Director of KnowledgeHut), shared some experiences and flashbacks from the history of KnowledgeHut. “The company was founded on July 19th, 2011 with just 10 staff members. The past seven years have been very successful. We had a clear vision for the organization and knew our goals and where we wanted to stand one day. We were always able to deliver at the highest quality and had the equipment and skills to overcome the issues and risks when faced and are very much exultant about our future as the organization to go miles ahead as a Global education provider.”The journey so farAchievements we are proud ofKnowledgeHut has been active in India for 7 years with its headquarters in Bangalore. More than 240 professionals are based in the Bangalore and Hyderabad offices working primarily over 250 professional training courses for the software management and development.Over these past 7 years, as we have certified over 1,20,000 professionals with unique learning opportunities, our global footprint has grown considerably. With more than 500 subject matter experts across 70 countries, KnowledgeHut now conducts classroom training, online training, and corporate training facilities that serve professionals everywhere.Here is a glimpse of what our students said about KnowledgeHut and how our courses have helped them flourish in their careers.It was not devoid of challengesWhile KnowledgeHut is currently undergoing a major organizational change since partnering with many accredited bodies, it is certainly worth mentioning how our efforts are going thus far.  KnowledgeHut’s director, Mandarapu Nagaraju has reportedly been studying the way KnowledgeHut is organizing, both internally and externally, and made some major changes to how their training program works by analyzing all the things they are doing,.“Losses are part of trading, we learn something from them and move on. Definitely, there will be losses as long as there are risks. We believe that there will be no profits if the day ever comes when there are no risks at all” said Mandarapu Nagaraju.KnowledgeHut’s Vision for 2018Expand services and facilities into at least 100 countriesEnhance certification coursesContinue to focus on software trainingEnhance value-added servicesGrow business through staffing and recruiting platformCapital GrowthProfits are the key to a company’s success. They renew the capital and keep and attract the best people. It is our custom to share our profits with you all who helped in creating them as profitability is paramount to our future.Secrets to KnowledgeHut successIn the minds of people, delivering a consistent and uniform training is one of the most important secrets of the company success. The firm’s success has been laid solidly on three pillars: its leadership, its culture and its people.Great companies embrace great leaders who go on to secure a place in history. KnowledgeHut has been run by corps of extraordinary ability and vision. And while coming to competitors, clients, former employees, or partners, the conclusion is always the same i.e KnowledgeHut always recruits the highly talented people in the industry, seeking out the most ambitious and brightest employees who will fit into the province of its culture. That culture, widely replicated across the industry, has been the blueprint for the company’s success and has remained unique.KnowledgeHut LikelihoodsDuring the period 2018-2022, the global special education teacher training is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 3.77%.The global e-learning market is predicted to reach $325 billion by 2025 to reach approximately $325 billion USD.The fall in the training cost for employers is helping the corporate e-learning market develop consistently at a CAGR of around 11% by 2022.From the above statistics, it is predicted that KnowledgeHut might become the primary choice of all the major corporate clients for training and consulting services across the globe.Let’s celebrate this grand event togetherWe have reached yet another milestone in our journey of reinforcing your knowledge and skills on your professional career journey. And by ‘we’, we mean you and KnowledgeHut. It’s been 7 years and it’s time for us to celebrate together.On this event, the company has decided to offer some specials offers for you professionals and students. We are offering up to 10% cashback on all our courses. Avail the amazing offers before August 31, 2018, and become an expert in your dream field.Our discounts and couponsE-learning | Get 99% off on e-learning materials | Coupon Code: KHELEA7Seminar | Get 70% off on Live Conferences | KHCONF7Course | Get extra 7% off on all non-certification courses | KHCOUR7Webinar | Get free 7 months access to webinarsMeetups | Avail free meet-ups for 7 months (limited to India)Blog contribution | Participate in the contest and win rewardsSuccess story | Participate in the contest and win rewardsThe company truly appreciates the loyalty of the workforce and we are especially fortunate to have those personnel whose professional activity at KnowledgeHut lasted over 7 years. “Without the help of the best team, the best infrastructure, and the best SMEs, it is impossible to set up a successful training institute delivering services worldwide,” added Mallu Subramanyam Reddy.With astute business-mindedness and level-headed leadership running through its leadership team, KnowledgeHut’s success in the recent past is not surprising and is a force to reckon with in the race of training leadership worldwide especially in India and the US.
Rated 4.5/5 based on 54 customer reviews
KnowledgeHut Celebrates 7 Years Of Continuous Lear...

In its perennial pursuit of optimized learning and... Read More

6-Years Anniversary Celebration

We are elated to announce that KnowledgeHut has recently completed 6 years of its glorious journey. Every small step has been worth celebrating. On July 19, 2011, our co-founders- Subbu Reddy, Madarapu Nagaraju, and Manjunath embarked on their journey towards the dream of offering certifications to the IT professionals and making them rightly cut out to survive in the competitive corporate world. On this date, KnowledgeHut has acquired the much coveted position, which can be compared with the world class coaching institutes. On KnowledgeHut’s successful journey, Subbu Reddy opines- “These past 6 years have been a period of growth and a learning experience for the three of us as we went through several permutations and combinations, trials and errors till we had the mantra for delivering successful workshops. Today we are proud of the fact that our students can achieve rigorous certifications like the PMP, PgMP, CSM and CSPO after training with us and feel confident taking on tough project-related challenges”. Madarapu Nagaraju appears equally inundated with the success so far. “We have come a long way from 2011 when we started off with just 5 courses and 20 trainers. Today we have a presence in over 150 countries and conduct more than 240 courses with 500 trainers. It is overwhelming to see that we have been able to positively influence more than 50,000 customers who have gone on to land lucrative jobs after training with us”, he adds. It is evident that there has been a staggering growth in the number of employees in the span of 6 years. This enhanced employee strength has built the roadmap to KnowledgeHut’s success. The above graph presents the company’s growth in India against the years 2011 to 2017. It is interesting to note that the growth rate in India has seen a spike by 156% in the period between  2016 to 2017.The above graph gives a clear idea of the company’s global growth between the years 2011-2017. It can be seen that the growth rate was very high in 2012-2013 and showed a steady rise after 2015. KnowledgeHut’s unique journey has been a brick-by-brick progress and has entailed years of channeled efforts. It started with only 4 employees and today, its business has proliferated,  with  more than 200 employees and in around 150 countries. All these years, KnowledgeHut has appended useful training courses on Project Management, Agile Management, Big Data and Hadoop, Finance and Business Management among others. The company’s commitment in bestowing world class coaching and industry calibrated training standards has paved the way to the series of milestones achieved. These are equally appreciated by the renowned industry leaders. Today, the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, EC-Council, APMG International Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile Partner, CompTIA, DevOps, PEOPLECERT, Scrum Alliance, GARP and others are all the accredited bodies of KnowledgeHut. The primary aim of the company has been to equip the professionals with all possible accoutrements to tackle on-job challenges. Today’s ever changing face of businesses demands deeper knowledge, quality, and on-time delivery. Customers, stakeholders, and organizations are always looking out for continuous and improved delivery. The best means to achieve the same is to attend training sessions and taking certification programs, something KnowledgeHut has achieved successfully. The company has tuned well with the heartbeat of the market and started offering courses on forthcoming technologies. Apart from the popular courses like CSM, CSPO, CSD, MSP, PRINCE2 and ITIL certifications, KnowledgeHut offers training on programming languages like Angular.js, HTML/CSS, PHP, MYSQL and others, IT Security, Digital Marketing, Finance, Information Technology and Soft Skills training. These have been the major stepping stones to the company’s success. KnowledgeHut’s endeavours in terms of business growth and partnerships have created ripples in the e-learning industry. It became a Silver partner with Scaled Agile Academy in June 2017, an ICAgile Member Training Organization in February 2017, formed a partnership with in March 2017, became a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of DevOps Institute (DOI) in August 2016 and has attained all the major milestones. There exists an incredible synergy among the trainers and the other valuable resources of the company, that has made this possible. KnowledgeHut will continue its journey towards innovating the new ways of learning, delivering its excellence to the aspirants and lending a hand to achieve professional goals. Alongside the classroom training, we have virtual, e-Learning and corporate training mediums available as per the professionals’ schedules. Naveen Kumar Singh, a Head of Agile Consulting, KnowledgeHut India, also renowned as a Scrum facilitator, have steered the company in the proper direction throughout these 6 years. Below is the list of some of the eminent trainers of KnowledgeHut around the world. Our three founders have a split vision for the future and always aspired for a digital space for their creative ideas. “Like a melting pot for knowledge and educational services”, says Manjunath. He adds “This will generate new business and enhance our global presence online, while also providing professionals with a platform to meet and greet like minded individuals and network for better opportunities.” KnowledgeHut’s 6th-year anniversary celebration is a solemn procession of efforts and dedication of the trainers and staffs who have spent their quality time to provide the best services and meet more expectations of the ever evolving IT world.
Rated 4.5/5 based on 20 customer reviews
6-Years Anniversary Celebration

We are elated to announce that KnowledgeHut has re... Read More

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