Partnerships: Paving the Way for a Profitable Future

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06th Jan, 2023
Partnerships: Paving the Way for a Profitable Future

2021 marked a turning point for the education technology industry across the world. The industry saw a remarkable year-on-year growth of 21%. The Indian EdTech industry, in particular, was valued at US$ 750 million in 2020, and startups in the space raised more than US$ 1.2 billion in funding.  

What is causing this uptick in the learning solutions space? Is it a sudden urge that people collectively discovered for learning new skills during the pandemic? Or is it powered by the changes in technology that have changed how we approach work, rendering certain skills and functions obsolete, and creating a huge demand for professionals skilled in newer areas?

As we deliberate on these questions, we will examine how edtech is paving the way for a better future.

The Role of EdTech

As business strategies change, individual skillsets must adapt and grow in order to impact the business. While traditional education teaches people fundamental skills and gives them an understanding of an array of subjects ranging from language to math, from science to history, it falls short of cultivating practical skills in learners. This is the skills gap that the EdTech industry addresses, collectively.  

Areas such as project management, product management, business analytics, quality management have had a steady requirement of skilled professionals, well-versed in the methodologies and qualified to take on complex projects and see them through to completion successfully.  

However, it is the newer areas such as software engineering, cloud computing, data science, data analysis, AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain and Crypto, that are driving the demand for professionals skilled in the practical applications of these evolving fields of technology.  

Making a Difference

With so many players in the field, what sets an EdTech company apart? In the simplest terms, it is their ability to gauge the needs of the industry, and match that to the learning experience they create for the people who will become the active contributors to those industries, and make the learning itself an immersive, rewarding experience. And this is where KnowledgeHut stands a cut above others.  

Over the years, KnowledgeHut has reached a unique positioning, having cultivated deep relationships with leading training and certification bodies across the world and being the authorized training partner to Scaled Agile, Inc., Scrum Alliance®, Project Management Institute®, AXELOS, PeopleCert®, Microsoft, AWS, ISACA®, (ISC)2®, CompTIA, CMMI®, FRM®, GARP™ and Global Association of Risk Professionals™, IIBA®, DevOps Institute, EC-Council, Kanban University and several such pathbreaking institutions creating innovative learning programs.  

A collective of top-notch trainers and coaches with a wealth of diverse industry experience are our program leaders keen on imparting great learning experiences and building the workforce of the future, through access to industry-oriented and industry-backed programs that facilitate lifelong learning, upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling.  

A Rewarding Partnership

This translates into a rewarding opportunity for education partners to bring state-of-the-art learning experiences for learners across geographies, through KnowledgeHut’s in-house learning experience platform – PRISM. A learner is able to access world-class training from top trainers in the industry, participate in hands-on exercises, learn a skill from ground zero up to becoming an expert, find mentors, and job assistance.  

KnowledgeHut training partners can bring a wealth of opportunities for learning and growth to learners anytime, anywhere. Here’s a quick look at how the education business partnership with KnowledgeHut benefits not just partners, but learners they reach as well:

  • Access to industry-backed curriculum
  • Range of the most in-demand courses
  • Complete learning delivery support
  • Top-notch experienced and certified trainers  
  • State-of-the-art, outcome-based Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
  • Anytime, anywhere learning for students and professionals
  • Focus on job-readiness

Hop on the Growth Train

While the reasons for the growth spurt in the EdTech space may vary, the growth story itself is unfolding as a universe of opportunities for skills training providers to step up and address the wide gap between the skills of the modern-day workforce, and the demand for an entirely different skillset. 

 At KnowledgeHut, it is our mission to help every enterprise meet the challenges of this new reality by empowering workforces and individual professionals with the skills, coaching and workforce transformation support they need. Our global training partner and alliance programs are an integral part of our mission.

Over the years, KnowledgeHut has built a steadily growing network of deep partnerships and alliances that have helped us do more than achieve business objectives. Together, we have brought purpose and intent to the way learning is experienced by a generation of professionals and enterprises. We have done this by enabling our partners with:

1. 100% Delivery Support  

When our partners nominate or share qualified learners for admission, they get access to our world-class learning solutions at a unique transfer price for reselling with a significant margin.  

2. Customizable Offerings

Partners have the flexibility to customize training programs in ways that best meet their business and customers’ needs. They can tap into our versatile set-up of weekday and weekend batches planned at conveniently accessible time zones, local tutor sourcing, and more.

3. Certification Set-Up

This is a special offering for tutors who do not have affiliations with Accreditation bodies (OEMs or Certification issuing organizations) but have a classroom setup available. Through our Certification Set-up, we offer certification, access to labs, and more that can be customized as per the tutors’ requirements.

4. Cross Promotions

When our partners have unique learning and skills training programs that add value to the lives of professionals and businesses, we help them reach a wider audience with access to our platforms for marketing.  

5. Centre Set-Up  

We support our partners with a strong commitment to our values, a keen desire for fostering impactful learning experiences and solving the skills equation for Industry 4.0 with franchisee setups that make great learning accessible to people everywhere.  

This is just a glimpse of the possibilities we can create together in the constantly evolving world where technology intersects with skills, learning, and solutions. To discover how you can be a part of this revolution, check out details of our Partnerships and Alliances, or connect with us on  

Become a KnowledgeHut Training Partner and drive impactful outcomes for learners in your region.



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