9 Stupendous Technologies You Might Be Using In Near Future

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20th Apr, 2021
26th Feb, 2016
9 Stupendous Technologies You Might Be Using In Near Future

Our lives have made a 360 degree turn in the past decade. Technology is making us move at break neck speed and our lives are all about going somewhere and getting things done. The internet brought the world closer and it has been predicted that it will lead to the democratization of the world.

While until a few years back we needed our PCs and laptops to get online, today we can do so with the touch of a button on our smartphones. Indeed, the smartphone has now become the most popular device in many parts of the world. Mobile technology is exactly what the name implies; technology that is mobile, portable and you can carry around in your pocket. A smartphone with an internet connection is all you need to get all your work done. Android and iOS are changing the way we live, eat, sleep, work and even travel. As consumerism grows so does the mobile technology, giving us better, richer and safer experiences than ever before.

  • You will no longer be standing in a checkout line: The future of easy shopping is upon us. With the right app, you will soon be scanning your product and getting it delivered across to your address, which is already stored in the app and the payment would be deducted from your account which is already linked to this app. Of course, the app knows all about your shopping preferences and would suggest possible online stores if you do not get in at the store.
  • Wearable technology: Google Glass and Apple Watch are not the only wearable technology out there. Medical wearable trends are fast changing the landscape of healthcare with such things as computer pills that when ingested send a patient’s medical information to a health centre wirelessly or artificial pancreas that monitor a patient’s glucose levels and also injects insulin at defined intervals. In fact, the future might be even more high-tech with a camera for a contact lens and a microphone under the skin.
  • Your vehicle, a Wi-Fi hotspot: Your car might soon be an escape into a sci-fi movie. GPS enabled location trackers are already widely used but now your vehicle might have wi-fi and enhanced location guidance that may be displayed on the windshield.
  • Data transfer between devices: You are working on your laptop, now on your phone and now on your tablet. There will soon be apps that will allow you to seamlessly move between devices without disrupting your work.
  • No keys future: How many times have you locked yourself out of your house or your car? If carrying a hundred keys around is not exactly your cup of tea then you might as well make your smartphone your best friend since it might be all that you need to open your house, locker, car, safe or any other lock.
  • No more charging: A charge less phone is a complete killjoy. But what if your phone charged by itself without a charger? This ‘”dream come true” situation might soon become a reality with a phenomenon called Piezoelectricity that converts mechanical movements into electric current. So your phone will charge as you are texting or talking. Now that is really a dream come true!
  • Don’t like to type? Then just think: Technology that uses electroencephalography (EEG) might soon hit the market where in devices will be able to read your brain waves and allow interaction with phones or computers or other devices.
  • Advent of the 5G: Once in every 5 years, cellular standards take a quantum leap and the 5G promises to be the most futuristic of them all in terms of power and functionality. This standard is expected to deliver higher speed internet services and greater levels of AI capabilities.
  • No communication barriers: You will soon understand as many languages as you want due to the instant translation apps that will be available on your phone. Global communication barriers will be brought down as people can connect across geographies and text each other in multiple languages.

The number of mobile users is expected to reach 5 billion by the year 2020 and this means better connectivity and infrastructure even in the remotest parts of the world. Technology is bringing the world closer and with such advances as interactive t-shirts, USB drives in ornaments and ear patches with voice recognition, the future of mobile technology will be you!


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