6 Project Management Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

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11th Mar, 2021
6 Project Management Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

Every single trend, regardless of how influential it is, is bound to be replaced by another, sooner or later. That is especially true in this day and age, with modern technology dictating the furious tempo of our lives. It seems as if advancements are being made almost every day across all industries, with new trends emergency on regular basis. One area which has also been affected by these constant changes is project management.

So, what are the trends you should look out for in project management? Keep your eyes open for the following six project management trends in 2017:

  1. Automation Is the Way to Go

Regardless of what sort of project you are managing, plenty of time will be wasted on tasks which are tedious and menial, but which still need to be done. The emerging trend which is set to tackle this issue is automation. Automation tools are popping up all over the place, and large companies are wasting no time using them to boost their productivity and efficiency. According, to research, 49% of businesses are using automation tools in their marketing campaigns or for data analysis. Those are just the figures for 2016, which are bound to grow even further in 2017. And while digital tools can’t replace humans altogether, they are still better than having a lackluster employee not doing their job.

  1. Digital Tools Are a Must

The sheer volume and variety of available digital tools are simply tremendous. Whether you are looking for something to help you manage your marketing campaign, improve or speed up your writing or content creation, or expanding your audience, you can rest assured that there is a tool out there for it. But, apart from helping you tackle problems, they are also there to make you more productive, and to automate some of the tasks and action, as we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph. Your average user is using digital tools on a daily basis (Facebook, Gmail…), and businesses should be no different if they are serious about remaining profitable in the future.

  1. Focus on Your Employees

While keeping your customers happy is certainly important, from a project manager’s point of view, making sure that your employee is happy is even more crucial. How so? Well, many companies lose sight of the fact that, when a customer leaves, they can’t do much damage to the company, apart from harboring negative feelings. Also, customers come and go, even if they are satisfied with your product service.

“Having a disgruntled employee on your staff can be harmful in more ways than one. They can do a lousy job, or they can really hurt the company by contributing to a poor workplace atmosphere, or even by leaking confidential company information, which is why it’s important to keep them motivated.” – suggests Eric Guillen, Project Manager at Resumes Planet.

  1. Hiring Remote Workers

Hiring remote workers in the past used to be a problem, because the tools which would allow you to interview, hire, and monitor your employees were simply not good enough. In 2017, however, a remote employee is every bit as valuable as those which come to the office every day, in case they are doing their job well. Real-time communication makes things a whole lot easier, and companies can choose from a global talent pool, instead of just focusing on those candidates which are based in the same area.

  1. Emotional Intelligence Beats IQ

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, wasn’t something that was considered in the past, with most companies focusing on their employees IQ. However, modern trends in project management indicate that employees with high IQ are not necessarily productive. EQ, on the other hand, is much more indicative of both employees’ and managers’ real abilities. For example, good project managers need to be able to manage and control their emotions, because they are working with people, but they also need to suppress them in order to create objective goals for the company. Skills like empathy, self-awareness, and resourcefulness are what the companies are looking for these days.

  1. Formal Certificates Are Losing Value

Not too long ago, you needed a college degree if you were going to make It in the corporate world. But, things have changed a lot, and nowadays, anyone can make it, regardless of their formal qualifications. This doesn’t mean that degrees are worthless, but they are not the only thing that matters. The fact of the matter is that your skills and your personality traits are starting to play a much bigger role, especially in the eyes of the companies.


Project management is a complex field, and because it is constantly changing, you need to keep an eye on the emerging trends. Not every single trend on this list might be right for your business, but it is up to you as a project manager to determine what will work.


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