Best Project Management Courses

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27th Sep, 2022
04th Jan, 2017
Best Project Management Courses

Organisations have slowly transitioned themselves into adopting efficient business models to keep up with ever-growing markets. One such mode is integrating work into projects. While taking up a project it is important to keep in mind the manner in which it is being executed by an individual. A project in general is a temporary task, organised to produce a unique product or service within a specific time frame. It is undertaken to meet set goals and objectives which contribute to organisational growth. Individuals with a certification in project management courses are highly sought after by organizations the world over because, it empowers individuals with necessary attributes to manage a project. There are a wide range of courses on offer to individuals with a keen interest in the field of project management.

• Project Management Professionals (PMP):This course is recognised by organisations the world over as a “Global Certification Course”. Individuals with this certification will have an expert level knowledge in project deliveries. They will also have the ability to lead and cross function teams with ease. The course will help individuals expand their market reach and will provide them with opportunities to handle challenging projects . It is believed that more than one – third of the project managers are PMP – certified. The PMP course covers various fundamentals of project management that are essential to individuals pursuing a career in this field. The course will ensure that an individual is able to handle a project using minimum resources, and tackle obstacles that occur during the course of a project.

• Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM): The CAPM is an elementary level project management course. The course is designed to give individuals a basic understating of project management. Organisations expect individuals to have this basic certification as a pre requisite before getting into the field of project management. The course empowers individuals with the ability to achieve high business performance and propels individual growth within an organisation. The CAPM course is even open to students who have a keen interest in developing a career for themselves in this field.

• Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP): This course gives individuals an understanding of how strategic initiatives can bridge gaps between strategy and implementation. Organisations need individuals who can manage projects efficiently. It is believed that Project Portfolio Management Professional practices enhance the chances of completing a project successfully by Thirty five percent. Chances of failure are drastically reduced and it has proven to be cost effective as well.

• PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI – ACP): This certified course gives individuals and understanding of various agile principles and techniques. It enhances one’s skill and ability while implementing agile methodologies. Individuals will gain the required attributes to mentor handle high performance teams and deliver results. You will also gain an understanding in project scope schedule, budget and quality which are enhanced by using effective Agile controls. Individuals will be able to adapt themselves quickly to any change and have an edge over others.

• PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI – RMP): This certified course enhances your ability to identify, assess project risks, reduce the threats in a project. You will be able to protect the needs of your organization and contribute towards the needs of the project environment that is increasing globally. This Course empowers individuals with an in-depth understanding of risk management.

Project Management is a market which will continue to grow, acquiring one of these certifications will improve your chances of handling challenging and exciting projects.

So what are you waiting for? Go get certified.



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