Best Ways To Accelerate Your Career With PMP Certification

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24th Apr, 2023
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Best Ways To Accelerate Your Career With PMP Certification

As an aspiring leader in the arena of project management, it is essential to implement the correct career path following the whole opportunity that is presented in the growth graph. As per the latest count of 2018, over one million people are opting for a career in the sector of project management. If you are in an important position in the profile of project management and have spent considerable time in heading the projects and management tasks of your company, then adding the Project Management Program Certification to your CV will give you an extra edge for better and precise knowledge on the functioning of the project within the deadline. If you go by the aim and objective of PMP, you need to know that, PMP certification is not like one regular PMP certification prep course that you can take admission by only your academic result. On the contrary, the certification is strictly for the working professional who is already associated with some kind of organization and working there as the Senior Project Lead, Project Coordinator, Project Assistant and the similar job profile that is associated with prolonged and considerable experience in project handling. 

That is why, before taking the exam for the certification, you need to produce the relevant documents and approved testimonies that will reflect your relevant expertise in the field of handling any kind of project. You need to know the implementation and the consequence of the PMP career that it can present itself for overall benefit.  

PMP for ultimate career decision

Coming back to the aftermath of certification, you will see that, after certification, you will get more in-depth knowledge of the complexities and intricacies of maintaining the correct, complete format of the project. But as a professional, you can also be assured that if you are opting for the PMP certification, you are automatically eligible for a higher salary pay compared to the other professionals that are involved in the project but are not certified with PMP.  So you can take a look at the key benefits that will come bundled up with the certification in Project Management Program:

1) The accreditation of PMP is not only limited to some geographical boundary or country. In fact, as soon as you get certified with Project Management Program, you will be part of the ever-growing global community of PMP certified professionals. Almost all the mega multi-national companies are always looking for incorporating the PMP certified professionals under their fold.  Using the benefit of the PMP, you will quickly land up your dream job in a reputed company. Take an instance to

2) Having a PMP certification will help you to become a part of the active network of talented PMP professionals. You will come in contact with the expert professionals of the field that will not only help you to increase knowledge about the tricks of expertise but will also give you new insight about the latest development in the career scope of PMP certification. In the words of Tom DE Macro, "Get the right people. Then no matter what all else you might go wrong after that, the people will save you. That's what management is all about." 

3) With the training in the Project management, you will come to know about the five success pillars of ideal management. The broad and precise coursework involves that you will become an all-around expert in the field of – 

  • Devising of the project outline.
  • Initiation of the foundation of the project.
  • Leading and monitor the whole project.
  • Controlling the output.
  • Perfect completion within the deadline.

You can see that you are going to learn the beginning and end of proper execution of a project that is involved in the organizational growth which in turn affect your career graph positively. Always remember the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Plans are worthless. Planning is essential”. Start planning your career now.

  • You are now aware that PMP is one of the few certifications that are acceptable in any part of the globe. Gaining the accreditation increases your marketing skill and demand analysis. Having a certification is like having legal recognition of your profound experience in the field of project management. You can even mentor the students who are aspiring to take up the career of control of the project. Also with the experience of handling bulk of project that you need to handle to maintain your certification will make you among the most wanted professional and become a board member in the field of Project management. 
  • Now comes the most attractive part in the arena of certification. Of course, with so much extra knowledge on the field of certification, you will definitely earn extra bucks compared to the non-certified. As per the reports by the journals the manager in the project with the certification will make about whooping twenty percent more salary than the non PMP manager. You can quickly expect for as large as twenty-seven percent hikes if you target for more standard organizations which you definitely keep on applying with ninety-eight percent positive responses.
  • Even if you stick to your old organization, soon you will promote to the highest possible position in respect to the board of directors in your company who will be responsible for the principal functioning of your organization. 

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Sun Edison-A Success story

You must be aware of the success story of Sun Edison who is the leading supplier of the solar energy-related product. The company is responsible for distribution and promotion of solar energy by creating innovative solar products, promoting installation aiding financially to implement the 24 x 7 power supply to all the areas. But do you know the success story behind its growth? By getting all the employees of the management body worldwide getting PMP certified.  For the first stage, 600 employees were trained, and at the second stage, 950 employees were prepared for the program. The study showed that the managerial skill of those trainees increased by 60 percent than it was before their training. Thus, with efficient and timely organizational management, the company saved up to $250,000 that was erstwhile losing with the cumbersome method of administration. 

From the case study of such a big organization, it can be easily assumed that incorporating PMP in management will not only lead to the precision in function but will also save lots of time and money in the process which will definitely make you the asset of your company.


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