Career Impact of PMP® Certification - Project Management

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23rd Nov, 2022
Career Impact of PMP® Certification - Project Management

Project management requires enigmatic hands-on experience, attention to detail as well as credibility. But the managers are often unable to provide proof of their accomplishments beyond their previous experience. For that purpose, Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification was created for the project manager to be able to prove their credibility. In other words, PMP® certification is an examination which judges your past and current capabilities as a project manager and gives credibility to your work globally. We have brought you a list of ways in which PMP® certification will help you with the advancement in your project management careers and We recommend that you also take our PMP online training.

PMP® Accreditation is recognized Worldwide
Every country or culture has its own definition and expectations for the role of a project manager. However, Project Management Professional accreditation is recognized worldwide. Therefore, PMP® certification makes you more eligible for selection in companies and around the world.

Project Managers with Advanced Skills 
Project managers with PMP® accreditation are believed to have a very advanced skillset to ensure the successful completion of any project. Moreover, managers with this certification understand the importance of maintaining their certificate as well as the preparation that goes into it. Maintaining a PMP® certification requires you to earn 60 professional development units, or PDUs, every three years which are a testament that you are not stagnant at your position and constantly learning new things in your field.

Boost in Salary is guaranteed
To be eligible for taking the PMP® exam, you need to have education and experience in the field. You need to have 4 years’ degree, 4,500 hours of experience in project management and 35 hours of project management education. On the other hand, if you have a 2 years’ degree, you would require 7,500 hours of experience in project management and 35 hours of project management education.

Once you take the PMP® exam successfully, your salaries would increase as the employers will view you as a potential manager who would get a higher return on investment for their company.

PMP® Accreditation gives you an edge over the Non-Certified Project Managers
Suppose there is a position open for project managers and two of them with almost identical backgrounds apply for it with the exception that one of them has a PMP® accreditation. It is most likely that the PMP® certified project manager will be preferred over the other one as the certification speaks volumes for the past experience and education of the project managers. So PMP® accreditation would definitely give you an edge over the non-certified peers.

PMP® Certified Project Managers are beneficial for Companies 
As the race for being on top is becoming intense day by day, people with certification of their skills are considered to be assets to any company. Besides, a PMP® certified project manager can be extremely beneficial for a company. For instance, he will ensure all standards of quality and safety are being met and environmental responsiveness is being monitored carefully. 
In view of these amazing benefits of PMP® Certification has a very positive impact on your career advancement as a project manager. So investing in your resources for taking the exam would really pay you off in terms of a better job, salary as well as credibility.



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