Five Tips To Ace The PMP Certification Exam

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11th May, 2022
Five Tips To Ace The PMP Certification Exam

A project manager plays a crucial role in a project. From planning the entire project from scratch to managing different teams involved, a project manager is always on his/her toes to ensure that the project is completed successfully. A formal certification in this domain could take you to greater heights in your career. You will be awarded the PMP certificate after you successfully pass the exam. In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 methods in which you can ace the certification exam.

Tip #1: Time Management

This is a very old principle that is applicable even today. Before beginning your study session, make a list of topics you want to complete at the end of your study session. You need to divide your time efficiently in order to cover all the topics for the examinations. At times, studying for 3 hours at a stretch can be very boring. Instead, divide the three hours into 6-thirty minute sessions. Take a 5-minute break after every session. This will relax your mind and help you study better in the next session. You will also be able to retain the information because you’re not stressing your brain with too much information all at once. Ensure that you devote more time to your preparations over the weekend.

Tip #2: PMBOK and Study group

The PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is a vital book which contains all the guidelines that should be followed in project management. The content mentioned in the book is overseen by Project Management Institute (PMI). This book will help you clearly understand all the concepts required for the certification exam. Apart from this book, you can refer other books or study material from online sources. In order to cover more topics in a short span of time, join a study group. This motivates and also helps you gain more knowledge as the other candidates in the study group could have thorough knowledge about topics you have difficulty in. Learning from them could be faster than referring numerous books and study material.

Tip #3: Take practice tests and review them

To ensure that you’re completely prepared to write the exam, simulate the exam hall conditions and take practice tests. Request peers not to disturb you for that particular duration. Do not take any break in this period and keep away from distractions. This will give you a feel of how the exam will be like on the D-day. Once you’re done, review the answers you have written and cross check it. Also, practice the topics thoroughly which you didn’t get right in the practice tests.

Tip #4: Take the actual exam in sequences

When you first get the question paper in the examination, do not waste time by reading all the questions in the beginning. Start solving the easy questions immediately which you can complete in a short span of time. Once this is done, scan the paper once again and solve the questions which are of medium difficulty. After you complete such questions, spend time with the difficult ones. This will help you to solve maximum questions perfectly. In the conventional approach of reading the entire question paper a few times and then attempting the easy ones, you end up losing a significant amount of time in reading the question. In the conventional approach, if you encounter a difficult question which you cannot solve, you will get tensed and won’t be able to concentrate on other questions either.

Tip #5: Understand the concepts accurately

At times, when we find it difficult to understand the topic, we end up memorizing the topic instead of trying harder to understand it. This approach might work temporarily but, in the long run, you will fail miserably. Especially in the exam hall where tensions will be running high, there is a good chance that you will forget what you memorized. To avoid such situations, spend that extra 15 minutes while studying and understand the topic. This has two perks. Firstly, you don’t need to remember anything and secondly, you can easily apply the concept to any problem given in the paper.

A formal certification in any field could boost your career because the certification is proof that you are efficient in solving problems in that particular domain. The PMP certification is a reputed certification that is recognized by organizations around the globe. Hence, this certification will give take you to greater heights in your career.



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