Obtain a PMP Certification from a prestigious university - How to Succeed?

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19th Sep, 2017
Obtain a PMP Certification from a prestigious university - How to Succeed?

Earning a Project Management Certification program from a prestigious university is a dream come true for many professionals. It is interesting to note that the various prestigious universities around the world have designed and developed the curriculum to make sure that the advanced skills of the professionals are at par with the industry standards. On the other hand, many renowned universities around the world are also providing distance course on Project Management for busy professionals who are looking forward to impressing their companies.

Gain a competitive edge with the PMP certification course
It is fascinating to note that the Project Management Course in many universities weaves theory with real life projects that prepare the trainee to apply the principles in challenging work situations. In other words, by undertaking a course in Project Management, a student would develop his or her strategic management skills. On the other hand, the practical applications that are obtained during project management empower professionals to undertake measures that are advantageous to the organization with whom they are employed. If you are an experienced project manager, the tools you would learn to manage various situations will help you to manage tasks and close projects successfully.

The Project Management Certificate Program
You have to make sure that you only undertake a course in Project Management if it promises to enhance your professional skills. In recent years, many institutes are providing the course on Project Management so that the first time trainees and expert professionals can easily distinguish themselves in the work environment. On the other hand, many project management institutes provide training that is based on hours. The education module related to Project Management explores the outer and inner workings of project management, logistics, and execution. The main focus areas of a project management course include the following aspects:

  • A project management program should include intensive training methods which would also comprise of real life situations. 
  • A lesson lab is the absolute requirement of a Project Management Course that would help the students to take into account the Project Management Body of Knowledge.
  • The role of the instructor is often assumed as one of the essential requirements. The motivating assistance of the instructor is of the most vital points that should be taken into account by the student.
  • Always make sure to opt for training from a prestigious university that would add weight to your curriculum vitae. Always ensure that the university or the institute where you are enrolled has been in the educational domain for a considerable period of years. You can know more about the university by thoroughly researching the reviews and opinions of past students.

The focus areas of a Project Management Program
It is interesting to note that the Project Management Program of various renowned universities usually revolves around the following aspects. They include:

  • Initiating a project and its related tasks. 
  • Planning the process of project management. 
  • The process of project management that can be undertaken in a competitive work environment. 
  • The careful planning of staffing, quality, and communication that would help the young professionals to initiate various measures.
  • Managing and developing the budgets and cost estimates. 
  • Execution of the assignments related to the project work. 
  • Closing the Project Work. 
  • The overview of the Project Management Curriculum. 

The usual course outline of the Project Management Training
By taking into account the broad lines of the course related to Project Management Training, you would make sure that you are fully prepared to undertake the challenges that lie ahead of you in the process of taking a course in Project Management.

Lesson 1: Commencing with the Project Management Course

  • You may be asked to describe a project. Besides that, the trainer would thoroughly explain to you the correct definition of the project. 
  • Describing the Project Management Cycle that would help you implement measures that are based on real life situations. 
  • Identifying the role of the project manager that would further enhance your management skills.  

Lesson 2: Initiating the project 

  • You would learn about the various techniques of determining the scope of the project. 
  • You would learn about the identification of the skills of a project team. 
  • You would also get to assess the risks that are related to a project.

Lesson 3: Learning how to plan cost and time

  • Learning to create a work breakdown structure. 
  • Learning to sequence the activities that can be implemented in competitive and challenging aspects. 
  • Learning to create a project schedule. 

Lesson 4: Learning to plan for project risks, communication and change control

  • Learning to analyze the risks that are related to a project. 
  • Learning to create a communication plan. 
  • Learning to plan for Change Control. 

Lesson 5: Learning to manage a project

  • Executing the Project Plan
  • Implementing the change control
  • Learning to begin the project work
  • Reporting the performance of the team to the leaders. 

Lesson 6: Learning to execute the closeout phase of the project

  • Learning to close a project
  • Learning to create a report that would describe the performance of your team members in a subtle manner. With the help of this report, your organization would take a final call on their suitability. 

The mode of registration and fees in undertaking a course in Project Management
It is important to note that due to the recent popularity of Project Management Training Course, a growing number of individuals are opting for this course. This is the reason you should opt for prior registration in the renowned universities. It is also interesting to note that many institutes also provide the facility of online payment. Hence, with the help of internet banking, you can easily facilitate the payment process. Moreover, it is also interesting to note that you can pay via installments. Your seat is not guaranteed until and unless the payment is received. 

With the help of a project management course, you can substantially achieve success in a competitive environment. This would add weightage to your job profile and would also project you as an efficient professional. 


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