Why It’s Worth Becoming A Certified Project Management Professional.

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22nd Apr, 2021
30th Dec, 2016
Why It’s Worth Becoming A Certified Project Management Professional.

A Certified Project Management Professional course has been one of the most debated arguments in the field of management. Getting a PMP certification is not easy- it requires strenuous hours of dedication and experience, which is one of the reasons it has been ignored by the masses. There are more benefits of PMP certification

So why PMP?

  • With competition in the market increasing rapidly, degrees and certifications have become more important than ever. A Project Management Professional certification has its own value, with it being recognized globally in the field of Project Management.
  • A Project Management Certification recognises and stands testament to your knowledge in management, and displays your skills for all to see. It sends out a clear message that you have the requisite knowledge to conquer any project, thereby making you a reliable asset in an organisation.
  • In the course of studying for the PMP exam, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the nuances and quirks of management. The experience and knowledge itself is enough to raise your stock and make you a better manager. The tools and techniques required for better project management are provided in the process, and will enable you to complete your projects with higher efficiency.
  • PMP is not very industry-specific, so sometimes more specific courses are preferred over it. However this is not entirely correct, a PMP certification helps you work with any industry- you can adjust and integrate yourself into any industry, because it covers the fundamental aspects of management. The certification also makes your resume look exponentially better. You might be in risk being passed over in an interview if you do not have a “PMP” beside your name.
  • In order to take the exam, the candidate is required to have at least four years of experience in leading and directing projects. So, the certification sends out a clear message to anybody you are more than qualified in your field, and your stock is increased invariably. It also means that you have committed yourself to project management as a profession.
  • The number of PMP certification holders is growing exponentially. The certification lets you take part in frequent PMI meetings with other qualified members. This leads to increased levels of networking among your peers, this enables you to gain better understanding of how projects should be dealt with. You can also discover more job opportunities in these PMI meetings from people who value this certification as much as you do.
  • The PMP examination is not cheap, it costs several thousand rupees, and is sometimes a major deterring factor for many candidates. However, it has been observed through surveys that people with PMP certifications earn almost 4-5 lakh rupees more than their non-certified colleagues on average. The money spent on the exams are recouped in just one or two months. The average salary of a Certified Project Management Professional in India is found to be around sixteen lakh per annum, and surveys indicate that it will only rise in the future. With the financial aspects of the certification holding strong, what are you waiting for? Go get certified to prove you mettle and enhance your potential.


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