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Estimation in Story Points Compared to Hours
Agile estimation is an important part of the planning process in an Agile project. Well, thought out estimates help product owners to manage time sche
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by KnowledgeHut

02 Jan 2023

How To Define Features in Agile Methodology?
Agile projects are known for their simple, iterative approach to cutting through the complexity. Even the most ambitious of Agile projects is taken on
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by KnowledgeHut

12 Jul 2022

What Is Iteration Planning and How to Do It Effectively?
Iteration planning is considered as the lifeline of Agile framework and plays an important role in t
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by Ashish Kumar

17 Mar 2021

 5 Silent Killers Of Agility (Using Scrum) You Cannot Ignore
We all know that ‘agile’ is the buzz in IT and has been for at least 10 years now. The draw is the iterative delivery and the ability to a
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by Jeremy Smith

11 Mar 2021

Top Tools And Techniques For A Better Product Vision and Discovery
Understanding the customer needs and developing a product which helps fulfill those needs, defines the usability of the product. With varied perceptio
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by Ritesh Mehrotra

31 May 2022

Themes, Epics, and the Art of Writing User Stories
User stories are as critical and essential in the Scrum world as the required documents in the traditional Waterfall world. Even if we try to avoid th
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by Amrita Thavrani

03 Jan 2023