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Data Science vs Big Data - Top 8 Differences
Data Science vs Big Data is a hot topic of discussion within tech circles. Both, data science and big data are extremely popular today and seem t
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by Devashree Madhugiri

22 Feb 2022

Apache Spark Vs Hadoop - Head to Head Comparison
Over the past few years, data science has been one of the most sought-after multidisciplinary fields in the world today. It has established itself as
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by KnowledgeHut

11 Mar 2021

What is Machine Learning and Why It Matters: Everything You Need to Know
If you are a machine learning enthusiast and stay in touch with the latest developments, you would have definitely come across the news “Machine
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by Animikh Aich

31 May 2022

What Is Big Data and Why Use Hadoop?
What is Big Data and Why Use Hadoop? Big data specifies datasets that are very big. It’s a hoard of large datasets that cannot be processed b
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by KnowledgeHut

06 Jun 2022