CTO Salary in India in 2022

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19th Jul, 2022
16th Jun, 2022
CTO Salary in India in 2022

Chief Technology Officer or CTO is a position where an individual takes care of the relevant policies and matters related to technologies. People working in this position are responsible for taking care of all the IT-related issues and finding solutions. They are also responsible for examining both the short-term and long-term needs of the company they are working for to ensure that the organization can reach its goal. One who is backed by proper Web development courses and experience can easily take up a job as CTO. 

Who is a CTO? 

You are now aware of the basics of the job profile of CTO. However, being someone who merely takes care of IT is not the only job of a CTO. That is the reason; we have collected some points that can help you understand more about this position. 

  • CTO is someone who can be considered a company’s lead technologist 
  • They are responsible to follow and stay updated with the latest tech trends 
  • Someone working in this position should be able to implement software to help with the growth of the business 
  • Someone working as a CTO should have the capability to balance both the responsibilities of an IT professional and an executive 
  • Proper tech skills along with network and educational background are required to do the job of the CTO properly 

These are some of the important characteristics that a CTO should have to do her or his job properly. 

Every company has this position, and if you have ever wondered what Twitter CTO’s salary is or of some other technological company, then this is an article for you to explore. 

CTO Salary Structure

There are various levels of CTO in which you can get a job. Therefore, it is no wonder that the salary structure will also change according to the position someone is holding. For instance, if a person is working as an entry-level Chief Technology Officer with experience of less than a year, then they can expect to earn around ₹600,000. 

The next level is that of an early career as CTO. This means someone who has between one to four years of experience can expect to earn about ₹884,372 as compensation. 

How much does a mid-career Chief Technology Officer earn? When you have around five to nine years of experience, you can hold this position. The average compensation you would be earning is around ₹1,898,939. 

When you have between ten to nineteen years of experience, you can expect to have an average compensation of about ₹3,418,037. However, the number increases to around ₹4,853,611 during your late career when you have over 20 years of experience. 

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Factors Determining CTO Salary

The salary that a CTO earns is not dependent solely on their experience. There is no doubt that experience plays an important role, but other things are also considered when offered a salary structure for taking up the job as a CTO. In this section, we will look at some of the components that make up the salary structure for this position. 

CTO: Pay Scale Based on Location

Location plays a very crucial role when it is about determining the proper salary for a CTO. As you may already know, not all places have the same cost of living, and hence, a lot is determined based on the city in which you are taking up your job. Here are some of the Indian cities and the average salary packages they offer per year: 

  • Delhi - ₹14,67,192 
  • Mumbai - ₹13,31,024 
  • Gurgaon - ₹12,79,922 
  • Hubli - ₹12,52,315 
  • Bengaluru - ₹12,48,419 
  • Mohali - ₹9,24,321 
  • Chennai - ₹7,40,159 
  • Surat - ₹5,17,958 

CTO: Pay Scale Based on Companies

Various companies require CTOs who can ensure that their goals are met adequately. Those industries also are from different domains. Hence, it is no wonder that the salaries offered to the individuals taking up this particular job role in various companies differ. For instance, Google's CTO salary will be different from the others. Here is a quick look at some of the top companies in India and how much they offer for this role per year. 

  • TCS - ₹ 1,10,00,000 
  • Infosys - ₹93,62,790-₹1,00,84,013 
  • HCL Technologies – ₹ 1,69,62,091 
  • Flipkart - ₹ 1,22,27,758 
  • Vodafone Idea - ₹ 97,00,000 
  • BNP Paribas - ₹34,30,000 
  • Capgemini - ₹ 91,80,000 
  • Delliote – ₹ 74,00,000 
  • Wipro - ₹ 56,00,000 
  • LTI - ₹ 51,80,000 Lakhs 
  • Pinnacle Solutions - ₹13,26,770 
  • BANK OF MAHARASHTRA - ₹12,39,788 
  • Glendale Academy International - ₹9,92,970 
  • Modello - ₹9,80,581 
  • Biotech Consortium India Limited - ₹9,58,902 
  • SKC - ₹5,95,782 

CTO Salary in Top Tech Giants in the World

Here is an account of CTO salaries in the top tech companies in the world.  

  • Microsoft - $424,240/yr 
  • Google - $309,742/yr 
  • Amazon - $259,016/yr 
  • Tesla - $250,560/yr 
  • Facebook - $222,161/yr 
  • Apple - $221,262/yr 
  • Netflix - $214,724/yr 
  • Oracle - $216,000/yr 
  • Adobe - $217,000/yr 
  • Berkshire Hathaway - $200,857/yr 
  • NVIDIA - $213,145/yr 
  • UnitedHealth Group - $207,576/yr 
  • Twitter - $216,961/yr 

The list above shows the base salary of CTOs. In addition to this, they receive stock options and bonuses as well. 

Here you must remember that the salary structure also depends on the company you are working for. For instance, an average CTO salary for a startup and an established company will differ. 

CTO: Pay Scale Based on Experience

As previously mentioned, experience plays a major role in determining the salary that an individual will get as a CTO. With the increasing number of work years and experience, one can expect to get a higher salary. 

For someone who has experience of 3 years to 24 years, the salary may range from ₹ 9.4 Lakhs to ₹ 118.5 Lakhs. Therefore, the annual average salary in the range will be around ₹ 32.0 Lakhs. 

CTO - A Vital Role That Compliments Change

A CTO needs to prepare its organizations for resilience, adaptability, and success in the face of change. With the advancements in technology, new skills are expected to be learned along with new ways of working. CTOs will need to guide their employees through such changes, motivating them and, as necessary, removing their fears. As CTOs, you need to adopt multiple personas within an organization-as the tech guy to the business team, as the business guy to the technology team. While this gives the CTO a lot of freedom, it can also make him or her feel lonely in this position.

Diverse thinking is needed to navigate this change, and for businesses, this means newer skills, relevant experiences, and future prospects. Although technology teams require a certain level of technical expertise, the attitude now takes precedence over aptitude. Businesses looking to onboard a CTO need to cast a wide net and consider even those from nontech backgrounds and train them in case their characteristics fit the company culture.


CTO is a senior management position in any company. However, there are various other responsibilities that a chief technology officer needs to fulfill. This article discussed the salary structure that an individual could expect while working in this position. The package is determined based on various factors, including experience, location of job, and company. It also depends on the type of company you are working for. For instance, a startup CTO's salary will differ from those of other companies. If you want to improve your technology skills quickly, kindly check out KnowledgeHut’s web development Courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the per month salary of a CTO in India?

You need to know about the monthly salary of a CTO in India. On average, someone working in this position can expect to earn about 32 Lakhs per year. This amount comes to around ₹2.7L per month. The CTO salary may vary a little depending on the industry you are working for. 

Who is a CTO?

CTO is the chief technology officer who oversees the present technical policies of a company. They will also be responsible for creating relevant policies for the company they are working for. The CTO’s mean salary is considered quite high and well-paying. 

What is the highest salary of a CTO in India?

The salary of a CTO will indeed depend on the company they are working for. However, the highest salary that a person in this position can earn is around ₹118.5 Lakhs per year. It means that they can earn about ₹9.9L per month. 

Is CTO a well-paid job?

When you work for a well-known and reputable company, you can be sure that you will be able to earn well.

So, it can be said that CTO is a job that pays well. You can get a good chief technical officer salary package. You can consider enrolling in KnowledgeHut’s IT service management to land a well-paying CTO job.


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