Top Ad Tech Startups in United States

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27th May, 2022
27th May, 2022
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Top Ad Tech Startups in United States

AdTech, short for Advertising Technology, is used as a blanket term to describe all the software and technology that aids modern advertising. AdTech startups are responsible for providing software, technology, and services to help companies increase their reach and revenue through efficient advertising.

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the role of digital advertising. Potential customers' time spent on digital platforms has increased by 10% every month since 2019.

Businesses had to shift their focus on reaching customers online, leading to a substantial increase in AdTech companies and startups.

These startups are responsible for helping companies create, produce and deliver advertisements to target customers. Optimizing CTRs and copy are part of the services they provide.

There are numerous AdTech companies worldwide, and each advertising technology company has a unique sense of advertising. The Adtech market in the United States of America is pretty huge, projected to grow to 29.85 billion dollars in value by 2026.

The market is filled with companies specializing in different aspects of online advertising. While some offer mobile advertising services, others provide podcast advertising. The methodology and the expertise of the advertising technology companies set them apart from each other. You can enroll yourself for best full stack developer course to get deeply acquainted with both the stacks.

The article will introduce some of the top Adtech startups in the United States of America.


A technology company based in Redwood City, California, RocketFuel, targets audiences based on their behaviors and then places the advertisements accordingly.

They were founded in 2008 by the alumni of Yahoo! RocketFuel uses big data and machine learning to help clients find target audiences and make sales. The private company was founded by George John, Richard Frankel, and Abhinav Gupta.

Since 2015, Randy Wootton has taken the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company. The current General Manager of the company is Simon Hayhurst.

The company aids its client businesses through every aspect of advertising, from social media advertising to content creation and web designing. They also help their clients with SEO and SEM strategy and content strategy.

In 2014, the company acquired [x+1], a New York-based ad tech company, for 230 million dollars. In 2017, RocketFuel was acquired by Sizmek and was soon retired by the same company.

Size is a private advertisement technology company owned by Vector Capital, a capital market company.

Prize out

Founded in 2019, Prize out is an advertising technology company headquartered in New York, United States of America. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company is Mr. David Metz. The company incentivizes consumers by offering deals and discounts on popular brands.

They provide their advertising expertise for different brands and products and give them an advertising space worth the money—the work towards creating more brand value by organizing campaigns fueled by gift cards.

The company also promises the customers a rewarding experience to help push sales for their partnering companies. Prize out works on the basis of gift cards, which are sent to the customers and can be withdrawn by them quickly.

Prize out also offers flexibility to the customers regarding payment methods and schedules. The payment withdrawals are also free and easy to do.

The company’s future looks promising as they finalized series B funding of 25 million dollars in 2022, and hundreds of brands have partnered with them. They had finalized the budget of 5 million dollars in 2020, a year before the announcement of completing Series B funding.


Podcorn helps brands advertise on podcasts and makes it easy for them to provide sponsorships to the right podcasters to reach their target audience.

Podcorn is an AdTech company founded in 2019 and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Agnes Kozera and David Kierzkowski founded the company, and they continue to head the business.

They pair their client brands with podcast influencers who will be paid for promoting their products and giving these brands an advertising space. The company’s parent organization is Audacy, a public company based in Philadelphia, Pennyselvia, founded in 1968.


Video advertising is a foolproof method that has become more effective than static advertisements in recent years. Yume, an advertisement technology startup, uses its resources to provide video brand advertising and television advertising for its clients.

They use data analysis platforms to help brand advertisements reach the targeted audience for maximum possible improvement in sales.

The company was founded in 2004 by Jayant Kadambi and Ayyapan Sankaran and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company was later acquired by American digital advertising company RhythmOne plc, also known as Blinkx, in 2018.

Millennial Media

In a world where smartphones are leading, mobile advertising helps companies get maximum reach and connect with their targeted audiences, giving them a much-needed sales push.

One by AOL, earlier known as Millennial Media, is a mobile advertising AdTech company situated in Baltimore, Maryland. The company uses its data and technology to help brands connect to their target audience via mobile advertising.

The company was founded in 2006 in Baltimore by Paul Palmieri and Chris Brandenburg. The current Chief Executive Officer is Michael Barrett.

Collective Media

Collective Media is an advertising technology company that was founded in 2006. The founder Joe Apprendi was also the Chief Executive Officer from 2006 to 2017. As of 2014, Collective Media was bringing in around 200 million dollars a year in net revenue.

The company’s unique idea of ‘wherevertising’ has set it apart from its other major competitors. The company promises advertising technology that will help brands advertise on multi-screens, targeting the right audience. Collective Media is currently headquartered in New York, New York State.

Companies like Collective Media use any available platform to help advertise the brand and push their sales.

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Kiip is an AdTech company that offers mobile advertising services, providing customers rewards on behalf of brands for virtual achievements.

The company was founded in 2010 by Brian Wong, Courtney Guertin, and Amadeus Demarzi, and they had multiple offices across the United States of America.

Brian Wong is the Chief Executive Officer of Kiip, which is currently headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Kiip has received almost 15 million dollars till date from various leading venture capitalists. In its final series, C funding of 12 million dollars was finalized.

Kiip has partnered with many famous brands and companies, and their advertising was quite renowned due to their high app engagement. Kiip has also raised more than 32 million dollars in venture capital, and in 2017, Kiip expanded its mobile rewards platform to Amazon’s Fire TV.

The ad-tech startup’s reward platform has been used in around 5,000 mobile apps, delivering millions of rewards in a day.


Founded in 2016, Scalarr is an AdTech startup that uses machine learning to help detect mobile ad frauds. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Scalarr has implemented machine learning algorithms that process enormous amounts of data to detect fraud with an accuracy of about 97%.

Being able to detect mobile ad fraud can help prevent marketing losses. In 2021, Scalarr raised 7.5 million dollars in series A funding to help develop and upgrade existing technology to help fight mobile ad frauds.


Sourcepoint is an AdTech company that develops privacy technology in digital advertising. The company was founded in 2015 and is currently located in New York, the United States of America.

It prioritizes user privacy and helps advertisers work with more secure and safe data. Their Consent Management platform helps acquire consent from users to use their data seamlessly. The current Chief Executive Officer is Ben Barokas.

In 2020, Sourcepoint raised 17 million dollars in funding, led by Arrowroot Capital, to help themselves expand globally, with data ethics and privacy still the primary goal. Arrowroot is a growth capital investment firm based in California.

Companies like Scalarr will require experts who have completed their education in recognized organizations to help them develop tools that will fight mobile ad fraud.

Aspiring candidates can take a recognized web development online course to help step into the lucrative business of advertisement technology.


The use of personal computers, smartphones, televisions, and other personal devices has been on the rise in the past few years. There are over 27 billion devices connected to the internet, with more than three billion smartphone users.

This shift in consumer behavior has helped companies advertise their products with the help of such AdTech startups that can endorse them to reach their targeted audience using apt technology.

One should not harbor doubt that the need for cutting-edge advertising tools will continue to be required in the future. We see advertisements daily across our phones, laptops, and televisions - and we often notice that the advertisements are somehow tailored to our taste.

Targeting interested audiences and delivering advertisements to them is crucial for any business and startup; AdTech companies play a vital role in helping businesses advertise.

Startups such as those listed above require experts who have completed training in related courses. For example, one of the best full-stack developer courses from Knowledgehut will help them expand their horizons in advertisement technology.

Starting a fruitful career can be as simple as taking a course and applying yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an AdTech company?

An Advertisement technology company uses various software, online tools, machine learning, and big data to help companies sell their products to the target audience.

2. What is the role of AdTech firms?

An AdTech firm is responsible for helping brands get in touch with their potential customers by giving the brand advertisement space and providing software and technologies to help them broadcast their advertisements.

3. Which is the best state in the USA for AdTech companies?

Massachusetts, followed by California, is the best state in the United States of America to start an advertisement technology company or a technology company.

4. What is an AdTech platform?

An AdTech platform enables brands to advertise their product to the right audience. There are two types of AdTech platforms: Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Supply Side Platform (SSP).


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