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Blockchain truly is a revolutionary mechanism to bring everyone to the highest degree of accountability. Above anything else, the most critical application of Blockchain technology is to guarantee the validity of a transaction by recording it on a distributed system of registers, all of which are interconnected through a secure time-stamped mechanism. In today's digital information age, Blockchain represents a critical intersection between the financial world, social networking, and powerful decentralized networks. Stakeholders must formulate careful legal and business strategies that factor in the technology and infrastructure, as well as the corresponding market appetite and regulatory structures in rapidly evolving global markets.

This Blockchain Technology Conference to be held on April 05, 2019 in Lagos aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain technology by focusing on how to address the implementation challenges, make best use of the opportunities and benefit from the innovation and disruption that this technology brings along.


Friday, 05 April, 2019
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