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PCI - Data Security Standard Training in Wellington, New Zealand
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PCI - Data Security Standard Training in Wellington, New Zealand

Get the knowledge that will help you secure payment processes in your organization.

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The massive growth of the ecommerce industry has brought with it numerous threats, chief among them being credit card fraud and data breaches. One way to ensure security is by adopting the Payment Card Industry Security Standards, a proprietary information security standard that lays down standard rules for all organizations that handle branded credit, debit cards, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) helps them maintain privacy, integrity, and authenticity and secure customer trust. Our course on PCI-DSS will educate you on how to successfully implement these standards to identify and minimize card breach and reduce risk of data loss. Learn to build robust, impenetrable systems that meet PCI security standards and ensure business longevity.

There are no prerequisites to attend this workshop. On successful completion of this PCI-DSS training course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from KnowledgeHut with Credits (1 credit per hour of training).

What you will learn:
  • Understand the workings of the payment card industry
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities under PCI
  • Learn the PCI Security Standards and relationship between the standards
  • Understand how data breaches are carried out and how to build robust systems that are immune to breaches
  • Understand the protocol to be followed by any system that stores, processes and transmits cardholder data
  • Understand how to maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Learn to implement and maintain strong access control measures, monitor and test networks
  • Learn to regularly monitor and test networks and maintain an Information security policy

You will also get:

  • 2 days Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Course led by experienced instructor
  • Downloadable e-book covering the PCI-DSS standard

Key Features

2 days or 16 hours training
High-quality course led by industry experts
Classroom and online modes of learning
Exhaustive course content to teach the fundamentals of PCI-DSS Standard
Practical exercises to teach about cardholder protection
Downloadable e-book
Day - 1
  • Introduction to PCI-DSS
  • Route to Compliance
  • PCI-DSS Scoping
  • Protect Card Holder Data
  • Develop & Maintain Secure System
Day – 2
  • Develop & Maintain Secure System
  • Monitor & Test System
  • Maintain IS Policy
  • Relation of PCI & PA DSS

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The KnowledgeHut course covered all concepts from basic to advanced. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I really liked the way he mapped all concepts to real world situations. The tasks done during the workshops helped me a great deal to add value to my career. I also liked the way the customer support was handled, they helped me throughout the process.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018

Everything from the course structure to the trainer and training venue was excellent. The curriculum was extensive and gave me a full understanding of the topic. This training has been a very good investment for me.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in May 2018

The instructor was very knowledgeable, the course was structured very well. I would like to sincerely thank the customer support team for extending their support at every step. They were always ready to help and smoothed out the whole process.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in May 2018

KnowldgeHut's training session included everything that had been promised. The trainer was very knowledgeable and the practical sessions covered every topic. World class training from a world class institue.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in May 2018

I was impressed by the way the trainer explained advanced concepts so well with examples. Everything was well organized. The customer support was very interactive.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in May 2018

The workshop was practical with lots of hands on examples which has given me the confidence to do better in my job. I learned many things in that session with live examples. The study materials are relevant and easy to understand and have been a really good support. I also liked the way the customer support team addressed every issue.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2018

I was totally impressed by the teaching methods followed by Knowledgehut. The trainer gave us tips and tricks throughout the training session. The training session gave me the confidence to do better in my job.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in May 2018

I feel Knowledgehut is one of the best training providers. Our trainer was a very knowledgeable person who cleared all our doubts with the best examples. He was kind and cooperative. The courseware was excellent and covered all concepts. Initially, I just had a basic knowledge of the subject but now I know each and every aspect clearly and got a good job offer as well. Thanks to Knowledgehut.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in May 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites for attending this course.

Data breaches and card based fraud are rampant in the ecommerce industry and lack of proper security measures not only leads to business losses but also of customer trust. For any ecommerce organization to be successful, customer trust is very important and this can be achieved by protecting their sensitive information. One way to do this is by complying to PCI-DSS standards. This definitive standard for compliance for the payment card industry, is set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). It lays down the standard for all organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. By gaining a thorough understanding of the intent behind each compliance requirement, candidates can make informed decisions regarding compliance efforts, learn to minimize the possibility of card breach, improve security, and reduce the risk of data losses.

You will receive a course completion certificate from KnowledgeHut.

Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in FULL (please note that all cancellations will incur a 5% deduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding). Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund. Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details:

Ecommerce is the next big thing, and as a professional who is qualified and trained in preventing data breaches and credit card fraud, you will be in much demand. With proper training you will be able to design impenetrable systems and safeguard your organization’s business and reputation.

Please send in an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have!

This course is designed for those dedicated to excellence in payment security information including executives, managers and staff who are affected by PCI compliance requirements. An indicative mix of participants would include:

  • IT and IT Security Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Governance & Risk Managers
  • Change Management Professionals
  • Financial Crime & Fraud Managers
  • E-Commerce Managers
  • Product Development Managers

PCI - Data Security Standard Course in Wellington


The capital of New Zealand, Wellington also serves as its cultural capital. A populous urban area, the city if Wellington is growing as a centre for technological innovation and information technology.  Being  a  cosmopolitan  city,  it  offers  a  wide range  of  education  opportunities through its universities which are among the top universities in the world in terms of research and technology.

Many  multi-national  organisations  have  set  up  their  base  in  Wellington.  Sectors  such  as technology,  finance,  heavy  industry,  retail  also  have  a  strong  presence  in  the  city  and contribute  to  the  growing  economy.  Such  a  setup  provides  a  wide  range  of  employment opportunities  for  those  seeking  to  get  a  foothold  in the  corporate  world  and  other  sectors. KnowledgeHut offers  various e-learning courses with  a focus on empowering  professionals to  upgrade  their  technical  skill  sets  on  various  topics such  as  PCI  Data  Security  Standard, PMI  suite  of  credentials,  Big  Data  Analysis,  Budget  Analysis  and  Forecasting,  Retail Management course among others, which will help them to take strides in their professional career.

About the course

The evolution of information technology and the advancements in the technological field has seen  a  rise  in  the  e-commerce  industry.  Nowadays,  a  major  share  of  transactions  takes place  online.  As  such,  it  is  essential  that  businesses  focus  on  keeping  the  data  of  the customer as secure as possible. Data security is very critical in such a business environment and  protocols  related  to  the  compliance  should  be  strictly  adhered  to.  The  Payment  Card Industry   Data   Security   Standard   (PCI-DSS)   provides   a   standard   for   such   business organisations to maintain and manage the customer card information. The implementation of this  standard  is  made  mandatory  as  per  the  central  banks of  almost  all  the  countries.  The PCI DSS training course in Wellington is designed for professionals to learn about the PCI-DSS security standard.

Security  training  in  Wellington  is  an online  training  course aimed  at  enabling  you  to understand  the  importance  of  security  in  an  environment  where  a  large  amount  of  critical information  and  shared  to  and  fro  between  customer  and  business  organisations.  The PCI DSS certification in Wellington helps the candidates to learn about the various standards that are in place to help reduce card related frauds that threaten to cause large scale loss to the consumers.  Such  a Security  training  in  Wellington  is  provided  by  KnowledgeHut  to  ensure that  individuals  have  a  knowledge  of  validating  the compliance  for  organisations  handling transactions on a larger scale.

Get certified and learn to implement PCI standards

 If an individual is PCI DSS certified in Wellington, then it means to say that the individual will have the basic understanding of implementing PCI standards in their business environment. The PCI security training in Wellington certification course is aimed at imparting knowledge regarding  various  online  security  protocols  so  that  you  can  take  decisions  that  will  help reduce card related frauds.


Enhance your skills, reduce the security risks



The security  training  online  in  Wellington  will  help  you  to  enhance  your  information technology  skills  at  a  very  reasonable price. The online  classes  are  taught  by  experienced professionals  who  are  having  first-hand  knowledge  about  the  various  risks  involved  in  the business.  A  candidate  with DSS  security  training  in  Wellington will  be  well  informed  about the  different  set  of  compliance  protocols  that  the  business  has  to  adhere  to  in  order  to secure the critical customer information that is necessary to ensure successful transactions over  the  internet.  The PCI  DSS  online  training is  a  two-day training course  that  will  also prepare  you  for  any  sort  of exam on  similar  topics.  The PCI  DSS  certification  exam  in Wellington  will  test  you  on  the  different  processes  necessary  to  minimise  the  various  card breach security lapses. 

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